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Get up to $500 when you bring your phone. Plus, waived smartphone activation fee when you buy online. Limited time offer.
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Bait and Switch, +Fraud

I received a promo offer for existing FIOS customers that included among other things a up-to $700 trade-in, and a $300 Virtual Master Card.  Despite being a happy AT&T customer, I thought the offer was compelling enough to make the switch. 

I signed-up and ordered online.  My order print-out shows the appraised trade-in value of $700.00 with a credit of $29.17 being applied over 24 months for each line.  Verizon received the phones and sent a verification of the trade-in promotional value ($700), but the credits never started and the Virtual Master Card has never been received either.  Reps were telling me that it would be fixed, for sure, and not to worry.  After waiting over 4 months, tonight they said there would be no credits because I paid for my new phones up front ($2300) and did not put them on an installment plan (which was NOT detailed as a requirement on my online order, or the promo mailer).

So Verizon is billing me approx $60 more per month than what was on the order form AND has my iPhone X and XR phones but won't issue any credits.  Shocking.  What a racket.  Seems like more than Bait and Switch.  So sad to see so many others having similar problems.

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