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Bait and Switch w/ Trade In , UNEMPATHETIC & DECEITFUL Customer Service

I was considering getting new phones. I spoke to an AT&T rep, but figure since I had been with Verizon (10+yrs) see what they could offer. I spoke with a rep online several times, prior to settling with the $700 credit as a promotion if I trade in my phones (iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note9) for 2 iPhone 13Pros, I'm told is being offered because I'm a "long time valued customer". I even asked where is it because I did not see that online as an offer. They told me it isn't advertised, it would be working with them. I asked would be $700 in total or $700 for each of my two lines. I was told on each. It was clarified it would be $1400. I again asked during the processed, because it sounded like an amazing deal. I had never traded a phone I have always purchased them outright, but they assured me, I would be able to make the trade for a credit of $700 each paid in full to the phone and then only have to pay $300 for the balance. It is in the transcripts that today a rep saw and said oh well they forgot to tell you the details but this is what it is. 


Not to mention that they never processed the trade-in correctly, and I have been dealing with this since March. I never signed or received anything telling me otherwise and each person I have spoken with until today also told me by phone or chat that it would be the $700 full credit applied on both lines. Now, as of today I'm being told it will be $19.00 over 36 months. I did not agree to be held hostage to a phone company for 3 YEARS!!!!!! I recently bought my grandmother's iPhone 13 Pro from the Apple store, paid in full so she doesn't have to deal with the Verizon nonsense. 

I would have never agreed to be stuck in a contract for 3 years. I have always purchased outright or paid over time for at most the year, in large payments. Now I'm being told if I pay it off early I lose out on the credit all together and you have my phones. I feel like you have stolen my property. 

The original rep who took me through the purchase didn't even put the trade in down. I had to reach out several more times before reaching a manager and deal with more rude customer service. The manager said they would watch for my return and then manually put in the credit for $700 on both lines. Not acceptable I get notice of egift cards being issued for the market values, on 5/5, which were never received and when I call yesterday no one knows what I am speaking about and then today I'm supposed to accept $19/mo which will still leave me with a monthly balance towards the bill to pay of $19 on both lines. 

It has been explained over and over again the scenario and everyone can see the onus is not on me your staff goofed at each turn but I'm being punished and given the run around. And I know if you wanted to you could complete the credit. So why won't you do it or give me back my phones, my hard earned money has paid for. 

I'm work with a government affiliated agencies. I will be contacting the FTC/ FCC/ BBB, as well as your corporate offices, social media and a simple google search has shown me many similar comments and class actions I am happy to add my name too if this cant be resolved. Which according to some of the posts here it can be. The ball is in Verizon's court. I'm ready. #BaitandSwitch #PromoCompromise #TerribleService 

Re: Bait and Switch w/ Trade In , UNEMPATHETIC & DECEITFUL Customer Service
Sr. Member

It's to bad you didn't search the forums before doing the deal.  You would have seen the many complaints about trading in phones.  I will say a friend had the same issue with A&T abd took a year of complaining to finally get her trade in credits on the bill and another few months to get the right amount.