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Being charged for a device I never received, also was not told I would not be receiving it.

I placed an order on June 3rd for an iPad. I had it set for store pick up in Starke, FL and it changed to delivery to the home address on file after the order went through. I am in college and not residing at that address currently, so I contacted support to have that order canceled and changed to instore pickup. I was told this was possible and that I could pick up in store that afternoon, and then the store canceled my order when I called to inquire about pick up. Despite them canceling my order, they told me it could be picked up and I can go ahead and come in, and that they would just have to start a new order. I drove an hour to the store, and when I got there the power was out, and they told me even if the power was on they had no way to process my order because my account had too many lines. (Due to the previous orders pending cancelation). I left, called support because my mom called me fudging out saying we had a package coming from Verizon soon and she wanted to make sure it wasn’t the iPad. I call and figure out it is the ipad, and the representative told me at first he did not see any orders, but that he saw packages out. Then he said there are two orders for iPads, one for store pick up and one out for shipping. He said my mom could sign for it at the address it was being shipped to and I could just not pick up the store order and it would default cancel. This was a bit inconvenient because I ordered due to my previous iPad breaking that morning and needing something for notes, exams, and homework for school urgently, but I know it was no one’s fault in particular and said that will be fine. My mom stayed home today to sign for the ipad, and FedEx said they were out for delivery. Then the status changed to attempted to deliver, and she called confused because no one came by. Apparently, Verizon told FedEx to just return the ipad to the warehouse, but both companies failed to reach out to my mom or me to let us know. I am very frustrated at the lack of communication between customer service, order processing, and the customers themselves. I know this isn’t your fault in particular and it’s a much larger issue, but I really need something to be able to do my schoolwork on and I have sunk hours into trying to buy an iPad through this company, only to be failed in communication and order fulfillment.

Re: Being charged for a device I never received, also was not told I would not be receiving it.
Customer Support

samanthajohnson, we are terribly sorry to hear about your overall experience. Your time is truly valuable and we are here to help. We would like the opportunity to take a closer look at your order concern and review your options. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.