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Being charged more than agreed

When we signed up for our new service, we were told our bill would be about $170. We've never paid that much-- after the first month with activation fees etc, we're paying $193. We added two new lines, and with multi-line discounts and protection we were quoted $325. The next bill after the one with activation and prorated service? $385. That's an astronomical difference! I've already spoken with customer service about it, they gave me a discount and it's STILL $60 more than we're supposed to be paying. They also changed my phone plan from the Play More plan to the Get More plan (which costs $10/mo more) WITHOUT MY CONSENT when they gave me the "discount".  We got new promo phones when we signed up, but I would give an arm and a leg to escape this super shady company at this point. I've only been a customer since March or April and I'm sick of the shenanigans. Also, customer service keeps hanging up on me, both in the automated system and with representatives? 

I don't want to cough up a couple grand to leave, but it's looking like I'm going to have to make that happen somehow. 

Re: Being charged more than agreed
Customer Support

I know it's important to know about all the charges on your bill, and to get the correct information. I am eager to help you, and provide you with the answers you're looking for. To do that, I would need to gain access to your account. Along with this reply, I will also send you a Private Note.