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Bill in collections on a sub-account


Do not add me as anonymous


I have to laugh at your "debt collection" agency, IC system continues to say they do not own this account that Verizon does!  They said they do not report to credit companies that Verizon does!


I have had ZERO communication with Verizon and they send me directly to IC system- this does not help!  I was told on numerous occasions that I no longer had responsibility for this account when I guess in fact I do.  For $84.11 and zero contact with me, they have reported me to the credit bureaus.  This has devastated my life as my credit dropped 120pts after having a 780.  I have been with Verizon for over 25 years NEVER a late payment.

I was told by someone at Verizon that my email was on this "sub-account" so they could have easily contacted me.  Verizon has taken money out of my current account to pay for other bills on this account why didn't they just do that?   This is how I found out I in fact was still associated with the sub-account. 

So after multiple times being told that this account was off my back they finally were able to close the account on November 22nd with ZERO communication about any monies owed.

They sent all of the notifications to the sub-account owner- NOT ME!  Why isn't the #1 owner of this account being reported to the credit companies? I find it hysterical that they have no problem contacting you for a debt collection but refuse to contact you before it gets too far...

None of this makes logical sense.

Think of the money that could be saved if Verizon contacted the people that they held responsible for the account rather than haphazardly ruining people's lives by sending unsuspecting bill-paying people to their credit demise by simply contacting them before the credit bureaus????

There are punitive damages here and their practice of doing this needs to stop.  I have read numerous complaints about similar problems with being sent to collections with ZERO communication.

I have the right by law to get a "proof of debt" and a "debt validation report" however, IC System says they cannot provide this and Verizon customer service says I need to get this from a department that refuses to speak to me!  

I have been told if I pay this then my credit will go down even further??  The money is not the issue losing my Excellent credit for no fault of my own is the problem here.

Have the guts to speak to me about this!  Stop sending me to a company that does not own this debt but just act as a service.

I have called the recovery number,800-852-1922, but no one there has been able to help me either.

This is for $84.11 that I had no hand in accruing.

I have had to drop my house refinance because of the huge change in my credit score and in October my car lease is up and I will not qualify for the best car loan rates because of what Verizon has done!

Come on Verizon talk to me, lets get this off of my credit report and get you your precious money!

Again another bad business policy, you should want people to help get you more customers by allowing "sub-accounts" not penalizing those who do this.



DO SOMETHING rather than burying your head in the sand!