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I purchased two iPhones and created a new account online in one transaction in January  For whatever reason, a “sub account” was created and split the two lines into two separate accounts. I called customer service to merge the accounts and they told me I would have to pay the final month’s bill before they could merge, which I did. Since then, our bill has never been the same twice, ranging from $160 to over $300 per month. I called to get an explanation, spending over an hour on hold before talking to a human, then spending another hour and a half to get an answer that I still am not satisfied with. This month, my partner received a credit score notice that his score had dropped by 40 points because of a Verizon account that is now in collections. The account balance is $78 which doesn’t match anything we pay and we have never received a bill for that amount or a notice that it would be in collections. After spending another two hours on the phone, the agent told me they could not discuss accounts in collections and thus could not provide a detailed bill to let us know what the $78 is for. Neither can the collections agency. So, here we are, seven months in with never a consistent bill and a bill with a collections agency and a 40 point drop in our credit score. What a nightmare!