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Black Friday order cancelced without notice & $800 MasterCards promised ALSO canceled!

TLDR: I ordered 2 iPhones in Nov 2021, switching from T-Mobile, and had to go through some huge drama. And I still haven't received the 2 of the $800 prepaid MasterCard yet. Verizon CS told me that "nobody just gives you $1000 just because you are switching" Huh? That's what your company had promised! 

1. I first ordered 2 phones on Nov 25, 2021 to take advantage of the Black Friday deals.(You can check details here with the screenshots of the original posting by Verizon. Here are the order details. I got the order confirmation next day and it's copy/pasted from the email.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 11.17.20 AM.png

2. When I was placing the order in Nov, the website clearly told me that I won't be able to receive the phones until Dec 18 (I think) since the iPhone 13 Pro Max's are in the back order. (Sure, this is very understandable) Okay, Dec 18 came, but nothing happened. But another month passed, nothing happened. When I clicked the "Track my order" button in my "*** (my name), your order is complete" email, it kept saying that the order is processing. Btw, can you believe it STILL says the same? (wow).

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 10.42.06 AM.png

3. After mid-December, I had to call Verizon so many times - only to be transferred around or even hung up on many times - fast forward finally they realized that the order got CANCELED AUTOMATICALLY with NO NOTIFICATION to me, and they couldn't figure out why. Okay, that's weird. Thankfully one CS lady was so helpful and placed another order for me. I am a big-time shareholder of this company past year and wanted to use the company's product proudly. At this point, I was getting frustrated but I tried to look at the bright side (aka 5G UW, coverage...) as a shareholder.

3. I finally and successfully got to be their customer (thank goodness I became a customer!) after 2 months' long attempt, but the promised benefit is NOWHERE! The $800 prepaid MasterCards for each of the 2 lines switched from T-Mobile, they haven't arrived here yet. I tried to clarify with CS and the lady ended up telling me that "nobody just gives you $1000 just because you are switching". Wow, what. a. statement. Isn't that what your company promised? She concluded that I cannot get it and disciplined me to read all the footnotes. She almost admittedly implied that there was a catch and I should have owed T-Mobile some $ for my previous devices, which was unheard of and Verizons CS never mentioned. Btw, I read out the footnotes in the Verizon's Black Friday deal page out loud to her, but she said I am not eligible whatsoever.

Did anyone experience anything similar? I already wasted so many hours waiting for the CS and explaining the situations to them. At this point, I am quite disappointed in the company and extremely disappointed as a shareholder. Moreover, I can't wait to get back to T-Mobile. (Everyone, they upgraded the CS with the Sprint merger, so much better than what I have gone through with VZ) If anyone can share the experience, that'll be greatly helpful. Hope everyone is having a better day than me!



Re: Black Friday order cancelced
Customer Support

We definitely want you to get the promotions you qualify for, wessi101! I'm so sorry to learn about what's happened, and I'm eager to help you in any way I can. Tell me, did you upload your final bill at the Digital Rebate Center? Click here to get there:


Re: Black Friday order cancelced

OMG, thanks for the prompt reply. This probably was the fastest connecting to Verizon. Just a couple of things.


1. Your link wants me to enter the promo code, but what would be the one for the 2021 Black Friday?

2. What do you mean by the "final bill"? The one from my previous carrier? Not sure if it had anything to do with the 2021 Black Friday deal.


Thanks again for such fast reply.