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Brand new customer. 20+ hrs of dealing with Customer Service. Now they're sending debt collector.

I'm posting here in the hopes that someone at Verizon who actually cares might see it and help out. And also to have a record of this dumpster fire of an experience.

The most frustrating part of this whole experience is that I need to call into Verizon with each issue and then explain the whole saga to a representative. They usually transfer me to someone else and then I re-explain and then they start to help with whatever the immediate problem is. I'm told it's all taken care of and then encounter a new issue a few weeks later. Since I'm not allowed to have any direct contact info for the representatives, each time I have to call in and go through the explaining and transferring process. I have literally spent over 20 hours dealing with issues that were all caused by Verizon on brand new accounts.

Placing the Order
We signed up with 7 brand new lines five months ago. On 4 of the lines, we took advantage of the trade-in offer and got new phones. On the other 3 lines, we did BYOD. I placed the order for everything online and then received an error message that the order could not be completed because a couple of the devices were backordered.

I called customer service the next morning to see how we could resolve that. The service rep that I spoke with was very nice and seemed to know what he was talking about. He said the online order was messed up and the best course of action would be to re-place the order with him. We spent about two hours on the phone where he cancelled the current order and then gathered all my information for each line in order to place the new order. He also said to get around the backorder on two phones, he would need to place each order separately. Obviously I had concerns that this would result in a bunch of different orders and accounts but he said not to worry and that as each line was activated, they would show up in the same family account.

Transferring from Visible
Besides spending 2 hours on the phone, so far the experience has been fine. Now we get to the part where we're transferring numbers from Visible and the fun begins. This customer service rep doesn't really seem to know how to transfer from Visible (which is pretty sad since they're a subset of VZ...), but after talking with a coworker, he has it figured out. He says unfortunately we need to close our account with Visible in order to activate on Verizon and that it could take anywhere from 2-48hrs for the lines to become active on Verizon. This was a big issue for those of us who use our phones for work, but if there's no way around it then so be it. I asked if we could choose when to start this process to minimize disruption and he assured me that yes, we could wait and close our visible accounts whenever we wanted and then activate the VZ accounts and deal with the downtime.

A few hours after our phone call, I got two notification emails that our new devices had ship from Verizon. And a few minutes later, two emails from Visible saying our accounts had been closed. Immediately, two of our lines lost service.

Now we have no Visible service, no new phones, and no Verizon SIMs to try and start service on Verizon. Since I had a work trip the next day and absolutely needed phone service, I ran over to the Verizon store before they closed to see what could be done. After about an hour of back-and-forth and them calling customer service, they agreed to give me Verizon SIMs for our current phones so that we could try and activate VZ service. They were very reluctant to do this for whatever reason. Luckily, this worked and we got our VZ service activated in about 5 minutes (not the 2-48hrs we had been told).

We tried to get SIMs for the other 5 devices in case the same thing happened to them but were told no and that the other lines shouldn't have this issue. The next morning we got a notification that Verizon has 3 SIMs ready for pickup for the BYOD lines. Immediately Visible closed those accounts and those devices lost service. So we went back to the Verizon store and picked up the SIMs and the devices activated within 5 minutes. A bad experience but not a huge deal since we were at home and had the time to run over to the store right away.

Migrating Accounts
Now we discover that each of our active lines is actually on its own account and being charged full price. So I call in and spend a few hours getting the 5 lines all under one account. I tried for the two lines that had yet to be activated as well (waiting on devices to ship), but they said this was not possible until those devices were activated. A big pain in the butt and a few more hours wasted talking with customer service. I'm also told that for the days where I was charged full price, there's nothing they can do about the billing. At this point I don't want to spend anymore time arguing over the $5-10 we shouldn't be paying, so we move on.

As each of the other two devices ship, I have to call in separately for each of those and get the accounts merged onto our family plan.

Missing charges and trade-in credits
During this whole process, the billing has been a big mess. Charges are spread across different accounts, there are pro-rated months with correct charges and pro-rated months with full-price charges. I know roughly what we should be paying a month (but not exactly due to the fees/taxes), so I wait for one complete month where all lines have been active and see what the bill looks like. It looks about right so I call in to see about getting some account credit for all the headache so far. After about an hour I eventually talk to someone who's willing to waive activating fees for some of the lines. They also review the account to make sure everything else looks good.

A couple weeks later I get an email from Verizon that my account is past due and they're going to ding my credit. I immediately call in and lo-and-behold, apparently two devices where charged at full price on accounts that are no longer open (because the lines were transferred to my main account). It turns out that we're missing monthly phone charges for two lines and also the trade-in credits which offset those charges.

Keep in mind, I have no way to access the new accounts that were created when we first ordered and that were supposedly closed when we migrated all the lines. Since everything requires a My Verizon login and I don't have one for each of the accounts.

After being transferred around and a bunch of discussion, I'm told it'll take about a week to sort this out. I get a call back about a week later saying that it's all sorted now and the device payments and trade-in credits will show up on my main account and my credit will not be dinged. Lots of apologies for however this happened and blah blah.

This week
About a month later, (this past week). I get a letter from a debt collector saying I owe $1300 on a Verizon account which is closed. I also got an email saying I have past due charges that need to be paid or I'll have my credit dinged.

Now I'm waiting till I have 3 hours of free time to call in and try to get this sorted once again.

If you made it this far, congrats! If I could hit a big reset button and go back to November I absolutely would hit it and stay with Visible or go with another carrier. It's been a nightmare of wasted time talking customer service trying to fix issues caused BY VERIZON and also incredibly hard to track whether I'm even being charged appropriately. What would make it right? If by some chance someone from VZ who cares reads this, I would love a dedicated experience customer service rep for this case until everything is 100% resolved. And some kind of account credit for all the time spent so far.

Re: Brand new customer.
Customer Support

Yikes! This has been a nightmare of an experience, to say the least. I'm so sorry for every single inconvenience. Especially the time you've spent trying to deal with this. 


I'm sending you a Private Message to better assist you.