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Buyer Beware

I thought I should share my experience with my local Verizon store in Raeford, NC so that other Verizon customers, and possibly new customers will know that the sales people are essentially stealing. I went in to purchase a new IPhone 8 plus to replace my husband’s 6, however they did not have this one in store, so the sales clerk says what phone would you like an IPhone 11 or XR, of course she's going to try to sell me a more expensive phone, that's her job right. Well, I wanted an 8, but I decided to get the XR because my husband needed one ASAP. Keep in mind I did not have the old phone with me because this is a replacement for my husband’s phone, so I would not be needing any assistance in transferring data, which I never have needed with any of my other apple products either. Of course when you buy a new phone/device you have to pay the taxes on it at that time, ok, so she tells me the taxes are $78 and some change for this $610 phone. This sounded high to me, so when I got ready to pay, I looked at the break down on the screen, it showed the phone amount of $610 and taxes were $43 and some change, but the amount that showed owing was $78 and change which is what she told me. So I asked the clerk why she told me the taxes were $78 but the screen was saying $43, she proceeds to tell me at that time, not before, that the $78 includes a service fee. I asked what is the service for, I already have to pay a $40 upgrade fee (for what is beyond me) the clerk got a complete attitude tapped around on her screen and then tells me I can pay now she removed the fee. I asked again I want to know what the service fee is for, she then proceeds to tell me that this is how she makes her money, does not make an hourly wage, and it is for her time, and transferring of data. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and essentially is stealing because when she told me what I owed ($78 in taxes) she did not disclose that she included this service fee for her pocket for doing nothing. I filed a complaint with the store manager, and of course they don't care because they are the ones training these people to do this, and not disclose to the customer the added fee, so of course the complaint will go no further than him. So I also called and filed a complaint with headquarters, and that seems as if it stopped right there as well. They did not seem to care that the people working for and representing their company name lack morals, principals, and respect for the customers. I mean, if you're going to work in a commission based job, and this is the only way you make your money, be honest about it, don't try to hide your "service fee" in with the taxes, then tell the customer it is taxes only. Also, at least do something worth earning this fee, besides try to sell a more expensive phone, because you're making a commission on that as well. So, for all current Verizon customers, and to any new ones doing any research at all, make sure you're checking your breakdowns before you sign, or pay at the store locations, because if this one location is doing this, I'm sure the rest of them are as well. As for me, I will start purchasing my phones from Apple directly to avoid this in the future. 

Re: Buyer Beware

Was this a corporate store or a third party retailer? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.