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Buyer Beware!!!

First time utilizing a community forum but wanted to pass on my horrible customer service experience and perhaps find others who have experienced similar occurrences.  We recently switched from another carrier to Verizon (mistake #1 but that one is on me). Everything started fine until I inquired about lowering our bill and perhaps cancelling a BYOD line. After a few calls into customer service for other issues and asking about cancelling the line to make sure there were no hidden fees or charges for cancelling I decided to go ahead and cancel the line via chat (mistake #2). The line was cancelled and I presumed everything was fine. Unfortunately 2 months later, I receive a surprise bill with a $500 chargeback on our cancelled line. I immediately called in and asked about it and was told it was a rebate charge back. I explained my case and mentioned that I was not told about the charge back in any of my inquiries about cancelling the line and if I had been, I would have gladly left the line open. I then said lets reactivate the line and take it back to square one to resolve it. I was then told by customer service that because it had been 2 months that Verizon couldn't reactivate the line and I would be responsible for the charge back. I asked to speak to a manager and was told the best they could do was a $300 credit plus add a $20 monthly discount (which I qualified for whether I had this issue or not.) I told them that it was not an acceptable resolution and asked to speak to a tier 2 manager to get a resolution. I was told that level 2 managers were very busy and I would be added to a que and would get a call back when they received my case. I agreed to that and waited for a call. After 2 weeks and no call, I communicated again with Verizon "support" and asked to speak to a manager again. This time I was told that I would get a $500 credit and that it would take 7 to 10 business days for it to be applied. I was also informed that my account would be noted to avoid late fees and suspension of service. I thanked the manager for finally helping me and waited for the credit to show. As of 11/17/22, there was no credit posted and my service was suspended. Here is another kicker, I had to pay $500 to get service restored before I could even talk to a rep. I was working out of town and made the payment (making me financially responsible for the $500 despite being told I would receive a credit and no risk of suspension.) I then had my wife call in to work out what happened and get the credit. They told my wife that I had agreed to the $300 credit (blatant lie!) and there was nothing they could do. My issue is this. I was told I am being held accountable for a chargeback I was never informed would happen, it took 2 months to find out about the chargeback making me responsible for it despite being willing to reactivate the line to correct it, I was told I would receive a call back from level 2 management that never happened, I was told I would get a credit that would take 7-10 days which suspiciously placed me right at the suspension time frame, in order to talk to a rep after the suspension to correct the issue I had to make a $500 payment on credit card making me now accountable for the error no matter what Verizon does at this point and now we are being told we agreed to  credit that we did not and there is proof of this as a credit was never applied and I called back in after that offer to press for a resolution. Clearly this is Verizon practicing deceptive practices and corralling its customers to be held accountable for their issues and lack of communication. At this point I plan on taking alternate forms of actions to correct the issue and get out from Verizon's deceptive thumb and extremely poor customer service. It kills me because my bill is 300 a month and I have 24 plus months on my finance plans so Verizon at a minimum stands to make 9000 off of my bill and that's if I leave afterwards. If I upgrade then they continue to gain as well as I need to add a watch which would have further increased my bill. At a minimum if Verizon gave me a $500 credit to correct the issue, they still garner a min of $8500 plus. In reality I would have gladly stayed with them based on excellent customer service. Unfortunately it appears to me they are about squeezing their customers and offer "customer service" to string the customer along until the customer folds or has no choice but to pay. I have never had a customer service with a company blatantly lie to me so many times during an issue. I plan on taking my story to our local media, social media and to as many sites and people who will hear it to spread the message to avoid Verizon at all costs. Big corporations need to understand that they can still garner profits while taking care of their customers and need to be reminded that the customer, no matter how small, has an impact on their business and without us, can no longer deliver profit to their share holders or bottom lines.

Re: Buyer Beware!!!

Verizon customer service is awful. I've had the same issues you mentioned contacting them by phone, online chat and even through social media.

My problem started with the Verizon outage on September 15, 2022 and I lost Wi-Fi/internet service. I work from home and can't without an internet connection. I spent numerous hours on the phone for 2 days:

  • was on hold for an hour+ several times before reaching an agent who could only confirm my internet wasn't working
  • disconnected several times

I finally reached an agent who asked me to reboot my router...  No lights weren't working and it was dead. They put in a repair ticket and transferred me to tech support, and I was disconnected. The repair team came 2 days later and replaced all my recently installed equipment. Since then (3 months), my data usage has gone from its normal 30% of data used and increased to the full limit with an additional 3gb overage added for a 1-month period.  And I've been going through the same issues with Verizon support trying to correct the billing error and remove the data overage and each agent I've spoken to (without being disconnected) has either tried to sell me a more expensive upgraded plan, told me something different ranging from resetting my data and refunding the cost to giving me a $30 credit plus a $24 credit spread out to $2 a month for 1 year. Plus, I am getting charged late fees because I refuse to pay the extra charges for services I haven't used.

I will contact their corporate office in New Jersey in an effort to get this resolved and if not, Verizon has lost a long term #VerizonWireless and #FIOS customer.

I will also file a complaint about billing and service issues with the FCC at

It's unimaginable that a communications company lacks the ability to communicate with their customers to resolve a problem.

Re: Buyer Beware!!!

Something is really rotten at this company. See my comment that I posted on 11/19/2022 under the heading "Verizon faked new agreements with me when transferring my SIM card." They literally faked my signature at the bottom of an "agreement" falsely stating that I bought my iPhone from them. I'm glad to see one of your commenters mentioned complaining to the FCC. I have already complained to the FTC, the NY Attorney General, and to the BBB. I will complain to the FCC as well, because, for real, this is criminal.

Re: Buyer Beware!!!
Customer Support

Oh, no! We are so sorry that this has happened to you. We would be more than happy to take a look for you. Please follow and DM us, so we can help.