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CallFilterPlus Won't block a text

The free service still let a phone number go through as a text message.
I was told the best way to stop it was to buy Call Filter Plus for $2.99 so I did.
I blocked a number but it still came through.  So I did a text help with Verizon and the person told me to deleted the blocked number and input it again which I did last night.
I got another harrassment text this morning.
I am so unhappy with this Verizon non protection.  
Any ideas???

Re: CallFilterPlus Won't block a text
Customer Support

NoMoreText2019, we appreciate you sharing your feedback as we want nothing more for these unwanted messages to stop for you. Rest assured that we are here to help in any way possible to get this resolved as quickly as possible. To ensure that we're on the same page, can you tell me if the text message you blocked is coming from a completely new mobile number, or the same number? Are you receiving any other unwanted messages as well?


Re: CallFilterPlus Won't block a text

Actually I was finally told by Verizon in two chat sessions that  CallFilterPlus would not stop texts. 
So I said cancel that billing.  It was harassing text from a family member that has issues, it was not spam.  

Portion of the text on the second call.  See where they say it will not stop texts.

It does now . You can check this link as the features that call filter has click here

So I was on a chat earlier and they told me Call Filter Plus at $2.99 would not block texts from a number I put in the BLOCKD app.

Verizon Agent

I am here with you.

So are you saying the $2.99 should block a number from a text showing on my phone?

On just my line.  (hid my phone number )it is the only line getting harassing texts from a relative.

Verizon Agent

It will block calls not text

OK, finally I was told that. I have been on chats for the last 3 weeks and today is the only time I was told that.

SO, the only reason I bought the Call Filter Plus was to stop the texts. I think I am owed a refund.

Verizon Agent

I am sorry about that. Call filters prevent high tier spam calls.

There should be notes on my account showing I talked with them about stopping texts