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Called SEVEN Times to Fix Plan Issue You Caused

For 10 years I have had an unlimited unthrottled grandfathered corporate data plan and protected it like gold. 

On April 4, I called to have the hotspot turned on my phone. 

I called to turn off the hotspot the next day.

From this point forward I began getting out of data text messages and billed for excess data. The other two lines on my plan have been unaffected but strangely not one single support person has been able to figure out how to get my old plan back, but BOY have they tried to sell me a new improved plan (without the unlimited unthrottled data).

I have called SEVEN times and spent OVER SEVEN HOURS on the phone with various support people including most recently, a Kim Luna (probably not her real name) in my latest call who was supposed 'research and reinstate' this old plan and then call me 5/21 to confirm all had been set to rights. I was told that my support ticket number is 89-00899 (probably a fake number).

Today I get my bill and I'm being charged $30 for data overage.  Clearly 'Kim' nor any of the other 6 people I talked to fixed the problem. 

I am DONE. Did I mention I've been a customer for 10 years? If I don't get my old plan back there is exactly ZERO reason for me to continue with Verizon. My phone bill would be HALF what I'm currently paying if I piggybacked on a family member's Tmobile plan and I'd probably get better coverage since Verizon has been 'working on towers' in my area for months now.


Re: Called SEVEN Times to Fix Plan Issue You Caused
Customer Support

I want to ensure you get the assistance you need ASAP, angief2022. I am here for support and happy to help in any way possible with your plan inquiries. Please send us a Private Note to get started. 


Re: Called SEVEN Times to Fix Plan Issue You Caused

And how do I do that Cheynne? And how many more hours will it take of my time?