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Can Verizon customer service reps all be on the same page

I have been having issues with what the customer service reps are saying it seem no one is working from the same service manuals on problems asked of them. Do they all go to the same training on detailing with situations brought by customers.

Online i was allowed to upgrade my phone then later told i should have not been able to after turning in my old phone as the rep told me to. Weeks later i received an email telling me i had to activate  the new phone as i had already done on my old line. Weeks later I received a bill for close to 2000.00 dollars saying i owed for full price for the new phone that was never activated which it was. calling Verizon talking to the rep i kept getting it will work its way out don’t worry about it. Weeks later I received a bill the bill again. calling Verizon again the representative a person that sounded like they knew what they were doing put me on hold and said oh the system was in error when you did your order it was a glitch in the system and it effected many customers so we will make it right. He gave me a 275 dollars inconvenience CREIDT which i thought had paid off my old turn in phone for the new one which did not happen.  He didn’t say it would go to my current bill so today I received a bill adding 258 to my new bill for the phone i turned in months ago talking to a supervisor today i was told the representative should have not pre credit my account before my new bill it was wrong thing to do. Even tho its there mistake on what the correct procedure of handling this i’ m left with a higher bill for something that should have been taken care of months ago. I AM JUST ASKING THAT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONNEL ALL BE ON THE SAME SHEET OF MUSIC  PLEASE!!!!!! I have been with Verizon for years have over 7 devices with you and the phone system is great but customer service needs better training for people who spend  a lot of money with you no I’m not a company I am just a single person who trying to make a living 

Re: Can Verizon customer service reps all be on the same page
Customer Support

smkeater, our goal is to provide you with a great experience with receiving support. That is a lot of money, so providing you with a consistent experience with the bill and resolution is a priority. We hope to regain your confidence in our support in future interactions. This is far too long to wait for a resolution. To confirm, were you finally provided with a resolution after speaking to a supervisor?