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Cancellation of HUM

I just found out that HUM is not free. I was roped into "buying" this item-- as I was told it was a promotion-- free totally-- and so I thought WHY NOT?? Again, I was told the item was free as a promotion and that there were no costs associated with the device. The sales rep made it sound like Verizon was trying to get people excited about HUM and so they were giving some away for free, with no associated charges, to try and create buzz through word of mouth.

Now I have found out that there is a service fee every month, as well as an early termination penalty. This is insane! INSANE!! I never would have signed up for the device if I had known it came with a fee attached as I neither need nor really want it. Nor can I afford it. I never use it. But that is beside the point, the point is I was duped into "buying" something I was told was free.

I am very frustrated with Verizon offering me "Free" stuff promotionally, and then finding out that those items were anything but free. I feel like this has happened with sales people and reps SO MANY TIMES that I just don't trust the company anymore. 

I would like to cancel this item, but every time I call I get put on hold and then mysteriously disconnected. HUM themselves say they can't cancel the device-- only verizon can, but I haven't had any luck.

I'm at the point that I want to cancel my verizon service all together. As a phone system, I've been happy, but all these extras are infuriating.

Re: Cancellation of HUM
Sr. Member

Nothing is free. Even "free" phones charge the remaining balance if you disconnect service early. 

The product page even lists you'll be subject to fees if you didn't cancel within 14 days. Rep is at fault for being pushy, but you also didn't read before you signed off on it. Lines can't be added without terms and conditions being accepted or else the order never completes. One of the many reasons to not trust sales reps and to read before agreeing to anything.