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Cash only hold

I have been having a problem with my account being on a cash only hold. I understand that it was my own fault by not paying attention to my auto pay situation however I was never made aware that this could happen or told that it did happen on my account and I think before you are going to inconvenience someone in a way you should at least let them know or give them a warning before hand. So I tried to resolve this problem by starting a chat with a representative they sent me a phone number to customer service. I called customer service they said they removed the hold no problem. Then I tried to upgrade my phone. The representative helping me with that said the cash only hold was still there and they never even tried to remove it. So I had to talk to someone else on the phone then on the phone they told me it was faster to chat with someone so I went to chat with another live representative they said that they also could not help me and to yet again call the same number. I finally got in contact with that same customer service number and they transferred me to financial service and financial service transferred me somewhere else without even saying a word then whoever they transferred me to transferred me back to customer service even though I had just came from there and then they said they had no clue about it and were asking their supervisor but might have to transfer me back to financial service I said they already told me they could not help me so the representative said we will wait for the supervisors response. The supervisors response in the end was there is nothing we can do! Are you serious it took me four days and what seems like 1,000 transfers to come to the conclusion there is nothing you can do after Verizon didn’t even bother to mention that this had happened or could happen to my account anyway??? I am beyond aggravated and I hope you guys come up with a solution to this problem over the phone so it’s not an problem like this anymore. Verizon support over all was not helpful and did nothing. 

Re: Cash only hold
Customer Support

Kelseyc0627, we apologize for the issues you've experienced. As a consumer I know how important it is to receive accurate information. We will be pleased to assist you. We sent you a Private Note. Please reply to the Private Note at your earliest convenience.