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I have had an on going issue for over a month.  I am not, nor is anyone at Verizon able to remove my ex-wife's email address from my account.  She is continually getting my information.  After about 12 hours of being on the phone (at various times) this is still not corrected.  I keep being told it will be handled in 5-7 days, and I will get a follow up call.  Nothing.  I have to keep calling and going through the same garbage.  I requested a one month credit for the massive inconvenience, and was offered $10 off a $230 bill.  That frankly is insulting.   I have not been able to use features of my phone because I can't verify anything since her email address is still associated with my account.  I feel this is an embarrassment to a tech company, they cannot figure out how to delete an email address.  Also, the fact that Verizon is not willing to provide a credit for this inconvenience and lost time is appalling.  

Re: Complaint
Customer Support

mrclapp, we can definitely understand your concern that there is an email associated with your account that you need removed. To clarify, are you the account owner? Is your ex-wife listed as an authorized Account Manager on your account?