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Why did i get lied to on the phone.  I was told i wouldnt get charge for a replacement phone that just stopped working and that I would get charged for delivery.  But yet i still get a 50 dollar service charge. And then she said i would get a replacement phone the next day with the protection plan i had.  And the phone wont get her for several days after that.  Look i wouldnt care about pay a fee but why tell me there isnt one when it will just show up on my bill.  Also need a phone for work.  Phone the next day wouldnt have been a problem but now i need to find or buy a phone for those days without.  Why not just tell me it wont be here the next day and not lie about it.  So many things that i just get told and something else happens... so tired of verizon half the time especially with the 17$ protection plan i payed for 4 years and when my phone stops working they try to charge me a deductible of 250.  I just payed that phone over 3 times with that protection.  The least u can do is send me a refurbished one free of charge.  And i only pay the stupid fee so if my phone breaks i would get a replacement next day or sooner and even that doesnt happen.  What is the point of pay 17 a month for a protection plan when verizon cant hold up their end....   Just tired of verizon and there lies...

Re: Complaint
Customer Support

ajstolinski, I rely on my phone for many tasks, so I know how urgent a resolution is to keep you connected with a working phone, especially for work. You should be provided with accurate information and the correct expectations in every interaction. We would need to review more details about the situation to properly respond to your concerns about the fee and the timeframe for receiving the phone. Please check your Private Notes, so we can proceed with providing you with assistance.