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Confused about extenders, mesh, etc for fios

Hi all! I've tried to read up as best I can, but I seem to be stuck in an internet rat hole where I can make heads or tails of what I should do!

I have gigabit fios. I rent a G1100 and have and own an actiontec wcb6200q moca extender (it has the verizon logo on it if that matters).

My #1 goal is to stop paying the $12 per month got the router rental. Secondary goal would be to increase wifi coverage. I have a remote work stipend, so don't mind spending a little more now for a long term solution,

I don't have any major wifi issues with speed or coverage in the house. If I was being greedy, I'd say I wouldn't mind better coverage in the yard for streaming music, etc. Home was built in 1998.


So my setup today:

Basement - G1100

Ground level - wired ethernet in office, smart tv that connects to wifi with verizon set top box (stream 4k netlix and 95.5% if time have no issues)

Second floor - actiontec wcb6200q moca extender in one of the bedrooms in center of the house.



  1. Buy verizon g3100 router ($299), keep actiontec wcb6200q moca extender. See how coverage is. If I ever want to strengthen further, buy another moca adapter for first floor.


2) Buy a G1100 from amazon ($99 renewed?) and then buy a mesh system to plug in there and run wifi through that.


#1 seems simpler given I have had no issues with coverage except outside, but I am wondering if I am better off getting away from verizon equipment. Of course since I own the actiontec wcb6200q moca extender which works, seems like that is another reason not to buy a whole new systyem.

Re: Confused about extenders, mesh, etc for fios

Unfortunately, not many of the community members are not familiar with the Fios setup here on the Verizon Wireless Community forum. You should post your question on the Fios forum. It is linked below.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.