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Correcting an Error made on Family Plan

We’re part of the family plan at Verizon Wireless (my wife as the primary account holder, her parents and myself). Yesterday my wife’s parents (who live 1.5 hours away in a different state) walked into a Verizon store inquiring about phone upgrades. The representative at the store gave both my parents upgraded phones based on their lines. However the representative made a mistake and ported her mom’s number to my wife’s primary line. When the mistake was realized the Verizon folks asked her mom to text my phone asking for her phone’s IMEI number and ICCID number to correct the error and re-activate her phone. No big deal, these things happened. What comes next is where the frustration begins.


Today (the next day), my wife notices that the store corrected the error by just re-assigning the numbers but left the upgrade under her line and put the cost of the new phone under her line. She calls the Verizon customer care line to correct the error, after being on hold for 30 minutes she decides to call back and just have the system call her back, well she never got the call back so she’s frustrated…… so I decided to call and stay on hold so that I can help resolve the issue.


The first tech person comes on the line, I explain the situation and after a while on hold he comes back and saids the only way to correct the error is for him to put comments in the system and a Verizon representative will see it if we ever need to upgrade. I tell him I’m concerned because that’s not fixing the issue (as my wife will need an upgrade soon as her phone is having issues) and if other negative consequences exist for what happened. He looked at the account and noticed that the new phone cost was under my wife’s line (as compared to her mother’s) and that would not correct the error so I let him know we are getting frustrated as I was on the phone with him for 30 minutes (so we’ve been at this for an hour now) and asked if we can kindly escalate to someone who can help resolve the issue. After a brief hold we reach a “escalated” person in Texas who kindly tells us that after reviewing our case the only way for us to fix this is to drive 1.5 hours to get my wife’s mom and go back to the store where they will do a full refund and re-process the transaction.   I let him know I’m frustrated because Verizon is telling us that it’s ok for their customer representative to make a mistake, not correct it appropriately, and put the burden on us to be on hold for this call, make the drive and re-process the entire transaction when Verizon made the error and that’s very unfair to us to go through this for their error. He states he needs to get customer care involved to see what other options are available to us.


After a short hold the customer care person comes on the phone, the escalated agent notified me customer care is on the line, they’ve discussed our situation and confirmed the only thing we can do is physically go to the store my wife’s parents went to with the original equipment to due a full refund. The customer care agent then responds and saids we have 14 days now to do it or we are “responsible for any changes that Verizon representative did”. At this point my frustration is boiling over and I ask the lady that not only are not helping us but now you’re giving us a deadline, why is the burden for fixing Verizon’s error the customer’s burden? Her response – “because we can’t prove Verizon did anything wrong and that you didn’t cause this”. Please note at this point I’ve been on the phone for over an hour trying to help my wife and what she said is just downright wrong. No customer should have to call asking for help only to be accused and told it’s his/her problem. That is not the way you treat other people so I tell her that all she needs to do is look at the system and see the history of my wife’s account being de-activated and re-activated to prove the mistake. She continues to state there is nothing she can do for us and she is sorry but its on us. Frustrated, I ask for a manager. I get put on hold again, the lady comes back on and saids that after speaking with the manager they are recommending I put a fraud case through for investigation…..a fraud case on my wife’s mother for a mistake Verizon made. The lady kept saying that’s all they can do. I respond asking her why she is preventing me from speaking with a manager and why I have to suffer the burden for a mistake Verizon made. She apologies and tells me that because it’s a holiday weekend I’ll have to wait a while, however I tell her I want this resolved and will wait until one comes on the line. Finally the manager in customer care gets on and after explaining the situation to him he states it’s an easy fix and re-assigns the new phone cost to my wife’s mothers line, reverses the upgrade and asks us to check to make sure things are good. My wife checks, things are ok.   We notified the manager that what happened to us was wrong and his response was he’s in his position because he’s smart to ask better questions and will train others to ask better questions.


Here is why I’m issuing a complaint – It shouldn’t take 2 hours of my time (along with additional time to re-explain what just happened to us) and my wife’s time to resolve this issue. In addition, had we not fought to talk to a manager or kept escalating our case we would have been forced to drive 1.5 hours to Wisconsin to get my wife’s parents and go back to the store so they can reverse the transaction….they lose the promotion, we may get charged fees and the burden for Verizon’s mistake was on us even though we didn’t cause the original mistake. This was an extremely terrible and frustrating experience (the first person should have been able to help us) and I hope no one else goes through what we just did and I’m making sure of that by escalating a customer complaint. Please please please listen to the phone recordings, make sure this doesn’t happen to another customer. No one needs to go through what we just did.


Re: Correcting an Error made on Family Plan
Sr. Leader

Is it just me, but the easiest way to fix this is for your mom to go back to the retail store and have them fix it by doing a return and repurchase of the phone on the correct line.  Waive the restock fee because she isn't actually returning a phone.