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Criminal redirection - failure to support terms of service



I'm trying to figure out how to complain effectively against Verizon for not honoring their terms of service. 

I have a 2GB shared data plan - they no longer offer this plan and the 5GB shared data plan 'is only $20 more per month'.

I rarely use 1GB but am moving and have consumed all my data.  Verizon's Terms of Service include the ability to add 1GB of data for $15.  BUT because they no longer offer my plan they no longer offer the data boost option.  Their interfaces show it and I can click through, but no databoost shows up.  A live person after hours in chat-heck tells me its because the feature is not available because my plan is not available......


So how do I get this to someone who might hold Verizon accountable for their predatory practices?

Re: Criminal redirection - failure to support terms of service
Customer Support

Hello kendehoff,


Having the right plan for your account is very important, and can definitely affect your total wireless experience with us. It's true that once new plans become available, some older plans are no longer offered. However, please keep in mind that if you have a plan that is no longer included in our current plans, you are able to keep it on your line/account. 


I would be more than happy to review your account and make sure you have the best plan for your usage. To continue, I will also be sending you a Private Note. 

Re: Criminal redirection - failure to support terms of service

There is zero accountability at Verizon.  Your best bet is to go elsewhere for cell service.