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Customer Complaint

Since I can't locate where I am able to leave a review for Verizon as a company, I'm leaving it here.

The world "frustrated" doesn't even come close to describing how I feel right now. 

I ordered a new iPhone 13 last week. I spent *hours* typing (instead of talking on the phone which would have been SO much faster) with a live agent getting my order ironed out and making sure I didn't qualify for any other discounts.

According to Fed Ex there was no apartment number (there was, I listed it, unless the Verizon agent did something wrong on her end). They called to find out the apartment number and said they'd try returning it later. This was on Monday 2/21 (Presidents day, when the leasing office was closed). Whether they did, or they didn't, I don't know... but the next thing you know, my tracking update says its being returned to sender. I stayed home for 2 whole days so I wouldn't miss that delivery. I had errands I needed to run, groceries to pick up, while juggling a toddler. Just to paint some background details for you. 

Unable to reach anybody helpful at FedEx, I chat in (again, only option is to chat vs call) a Verizon agent, and explain what is happening. They tell me I have to wait for the order to be returned and processed (which will take multiple business days). Then I have to start all over, and do everything all over again. 

1) I am insanely frustrated because of the amount of time it takes to do all of this. I have wasted hours of my precious time. The agents take a long time to reply in our chats because they seem to be distracted or also talking to other customers? Not sure, but nothing happens fast when dealing with Verizon agents. 

2) I am insanely frustrated that there isn't a "ship to Verizon store" for pick up option. 

I was told due to Covid that Verizon has transitioned many purchases to being online. Which I understand, however, almost every other large, successful business in the world has resiliently adapted to covid-world and has established viable in-person sale options. Having a "ship to store for pick up" needs to be an option since FedEx can't seem to do right by some of your customers. 

I do not want to order online again, because I fear this whole thing will be repeated and I can not have that. You may lose a customer over this. Step it up Verizon... do better. Your customers, who are already paying a lot of money, deserve better. 

Good customer service would have an agent available to reach via phone instead of text, and there would be an in-store shipping option for those of us with challenging addresses (aka with addresses that require a little competance or critical thinking skills from mail delivery services).

I feel angry. I am not a satisfied customer and I will not be encouraging any family or friends to sign on with Verizon.