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I've been with Verizon for a few years now, and while I love the coverage and service on my phone, the customer service experience has been one of the worst I've had for a phone carrier. 

I made an order to upgrade a line yesterday at 2pm. A change needed to be made, so I canceled the order, but never saw the account update or receive any type of confirmation or anything automated that even my SoCal Gas company online account would send. I attempted to talk to a Verizon agent through the chat, and was told the order still went through, cancellation would take roughly 12-24 hours, or I could leave it as is and pick up the device today with no issue, I decided to leave it as is and pick up the device today. 

I spoke with an agent on the phone before I decided to go out so as not to waste my time, and was told despite not receiving any confirmation still, the order was indeed processed and ready for pickup. So I decided to go to the store. There, I'm met outside by employees as they were not letting anyone in as a safety precaution due to the corona virus, and only taking store pick up requests, so I gave my information, and they said no order was ready for pick up. Until one employee asked what I had ordered and actually remembered it as he was the one who initially processed it, and then for whatever reason was told to restock the order as of this morning. So it seemed that when I clicked to cancel online, it canceled the order, but not the agreement, as my account still shows the new phone in the devices along with the new payments for the next 24 months. The order status still shows it is being prepared. 

So now my third call to a Verizon agent happens, I spend about 40 minutes on the phone, explaining the situation and then waiting as he tried to contact supervisors to no avail (was informed he was working from home and I can only imagine most of the supervisors were as well). After that I was told he would keep contacting them but would call me back in about 20-30 minutes. The call never came. About 2 hours later I make a 4th call to Verizon to speak to an agent. Explain the situation up to that point. So now a submission had been sent to cancel out the whole agreement, which I was informed could now take 3-5 business days, before I'm finally able to start over, and submit the order once more to upgrade a line. 


The problem I have is that Verizon is trying to hard to automate everything, yet when it comes to canceling an order, I had to go through 4 customer service agents, and still don't quite have my problem resolved as I'm now just playing the waiting game. The other issue is that no one seems to be on the same page, I was literally on the phone with an agent who told me the order was ready for pickup and processed, only 20 minutes before I left to pick it up, only to be told they couldn't release it because it was restocked. If agents aren't given up to date information and aren't able to solve these requests, I'm not sure exactly what they're being paid to do while working from home. I understand that resources may be limited at the moment, but if automation is something Verizon is trying to utilize, they need a better system, because this could have easily been something that was completely automated, or else I would not have bothered pressing the "cancel" button in the first place to fix the order as it has clearly not been as simple as a click of a button. 

All this occurred in the past 25 hours. I assume that maybe some of this may have been resolved under normal circumstances inside the Verizon store, but they weren't even letting people inside and I was merely directed to "go and reorder the device and come back to pick up." It's been a drain on my time as Ive spent roughly 2-3 hours total on the phone and with a live chat. I wish I just would not get told one thing and then come to find out it was completely wrong from 4 different people.