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Customer Service Feedback

I wish there was another method to provide feedback on my recent experience with customer service, but it seems that this is the only way...

I began the contract renewal process for my account about three weeks ago, so my wife and I could upgrade our phones.  For the last year or so we've been without a contract, so we could keep the unlimited data plan we were on for as long as possible.  Knowing that it would not be an option to keep this data plan, I called customer service to go through my options.  Sadly, this is where my problems began.  The sales representative I initially spoke to presented me with a few options and, after about half an hour, sold me on a plan at a decent rate.  This was important to me because I wanted to be sure that my rate would drop with the reduced data plan I was going to be receiving.  She then transferred me to another agent to complete the process who then transferred me again and then two or three more times after that.  All because no one was familiar with the information that had been provided to me initially.  Finally, I was connected with a customer service agent who didn't transfer me again.  I explained to him the package and plan price that was described to me, but he too was unable to find it -- he told me that the information I was provided was incorrect.  After over an hour, I agreed to a loyalty plan and a start date.

On the start date for my plan, the billing amount shown on my online was higher than expected, so I contacted customer service via online chat and explained that I had a company discount that didn't seem to have been applied.  She went through my information and said I shouldn't worry about it because my discount would be applied when the bill was fully generated.  The customer service agent I spoke to about the loyalty plan also called me back on the plan start date to order my wife's phone and my phone.  He also confirmed that my company discount would be applied.

Today, now that the bill has been fully generated, the amount has not been reduced by my company discount.  I called customer service again and this agent told me that my company discount does not apply to the loyalty plan.  He said that without changing my plan, the discount could not be applied.  At the end of the call I asked where I could provide feedback and he said that if I went to and then click on customer service, I would find an email address. Ironically, that email address is not there.

This whole process has been time consuming and frustrating due to the incorrect information I received throughout the process -- even to the very end!  I will seriously be considering other providers for my phone, my wife's phone, and my work phone next time my contract is up to avoid this kind of experience.

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Re: Customer Service Feedback

I'm having the same issue. How can there be no way to leave simple feedback like an email or something? The contact us form is a obscured mailing list sign up. I find this absurd for such a large organization to which we are all paying money monthly to.

Anyways, what I wanted to write was: I'm super fed up with this websites login security. The number of websites that require 3 separate pages of information to login is close to nill, and I don't see why my Verizon Account must needs be more secure. Please make the whole security question thing option along with the silly picture. Hell, allow customers to opt-out of that whole experience upon signing liability forms or whatever. I am sure the lawyers can figure something out. Besides this, I also do not understand why I cannot login to the site from a VPN. What makes this website so special to have all this extra security? A VPN is a basic internet tool I am sure plenty of people use, why must it be so complicated to utilize

Thanks, I simply needed to vent

Re: Customer Service Feedback


Re: Customer Service Feedback

I am also frustrated that there is no other way to leave feedback, but I too wanted to post about my recent terrible customer service experience.

I place an order on guest checkout through the Verizon website. My order never went past the processing stage for reasons unknown to me. When trying to call in to figure out what was going on, nobody seemed to be able to help me. The first person I spoke to had absolutely no clue what he was doing, and the second person I spoke to told me after half an hour on the phone that the department I needed wasn't available and to just reply to the email regarding my order saying I was having problems with it (which was a no reply email address). It took me 3 calls to finally get transferred to someone who even had visibility to my order, and I was then on the phone for 1 hour because I was told my order had to be rebuilt, only to find out that both items I had originally ordered were out of stock. This whole process took 3 weeks--I ended up ordering my accessories from Amazon instead and not only were they cheaper than Verizon but they also arrived in 2 days. While I've been pleased with my phone service, this was a horrible customer service experience, and I will never attempt to order accessories from Verizon again.

Re: Customer Service Feedback

We had a horrible experience as well. We added a line as per their “Cyber Monday deal” and did an upgrade. They were running a $300 promo. It is mid/late January, I have called several times and spoke with some customer service representatives who were not helpful. I was told this weekend that although I have the proof that ordered on Cyber Monday (might I note that the system was crashing and I called back and chatted to make sure everything was right and told- yes!) my order wasn’t processed until Dec 2 abs so was not eligible!!!! Really?! I had emails from them and screenshots which they would not accept. Make it as hard they can I guess! I would not shop their “deals” again. Sad, I’ve been a loyal customer for a very long time. 

Re: Customer Service Feedback

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