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Customer Service & Moto Z4 problems

First and last post. I have been a Verizon user for about 25 years (about 3 years of that was through Straight Talk). I don't mean ANYTHING to Verizon.

Long story - short. Eleven months ago we purchased Motorola z4's  - big mistake. Nothing but problems and Verizon can't find the problems when we take the phone to local store. They are intermittent - but consistent. Things like not ringing, earpiece not working, going to airplane mode during a conversation. We've done resets galore! Nothing fixes. Today,  I was trying to get my wife's phone sent back under warranty. This latest round actually started Monday and I was promised a callback on Wednesday by Tier Two. No call. So, today I start all over again. 4 customer service/technical persons via call and 2 technical via Chat persons later - no luck! In one of those chats the Tier Two person agreed to take my wife's back under warranty but we got cutoff due to Verizon Chat system crashing. So, I get a text saying I need to Call or Chat and complete the return. Chat not available, On the third call when I got left holding over an hour I hung up! The call before that was 25 minutes waiting for Tier Two with no picking  up and remember they PROMISED to call me back yesterday. The customer service lady after an hour and fifteen minutes since I started the call did call me back and said where did you go? After an hour? I started working on this before noon and it is now after 8pm. DID I HANG UP?!

But, during that latest hold I went over my wife's phone diligently because the return information I got said if there was ANY physical or liquid damage they would charge back my account $299. When I removed the case it's always been in i discovered a couple of hairline cracks in the back of a phone that's never been dropped. Quick note: I dropped my phone 1 foot and the screen shattered - in a case - that's why we're not talking about sending my phone back - warranty voided. If you blow on these phones they get damaged.   I digress.   So, after spending all day and getting nowhere when I received my call (after 8pm) I told her I guess I couldn't send the phone back anyway because a hairline crack would lead to me getting charged $299. She said fine and was gone.

I started this last set of calls trying to get to someone in customer service that was interested in keeping our business - my wife has been with them something like 10 years now also - but no one was interested in helping me. I found objection, rejection, apathy at every turn - which takes A LOT OF TIME! I will go to another wireless service that will pay off these overpriced phones and hopefully treat me a little better. Maybe not - but I now know how unimportant I am to Verizon - who I have sent many customers through my consulting.


Re: Customer Service & Moto Z4 problems
Customer Support

We know how important it is to have a device that performs the way you need it to, Mixedbagpro. Do you have device insurance for the phones?



Re: Customer Service & Moto Z4 problems
Sr. Member

Straight talk isn't Verizon. There's also a pandemic which isn't helping. Verizon also doesn't manufacturer phones, this is why you research a phone model carefully and never buy at launch.

Cracks don't form from a phone simply existing. There was either non disclosed abuse to it or poor design like it got cracked while in a pocket from pressure. This is what you'd contact the OEM about, not the carrier.