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Customer Service and Company Policies

I have been a Verizon Customer for about 20 years and every time they have a promotion, I am told that it is only for "New Customers". I argue with them every time that they should REWARD their current customers with the same or better deals than they do for the customers they don't have at the moment.  After all the current customers are the ones paying their salaries etc......I am tired of being told what my monthly bill will be and it ends up 2 hundred dollars more than I am told!~!!!             This is not fair to all of us Loyal Customers!!!!  The newbies getting the free phones should be us not the people they are pulling in.  I have been contemplating leaving Verizon and going with someone else that are offering free iPhones and lower monthly costs because I am tired of being ripped off constantly.  The last upgrade we traded in all 3 phones from iPhone 7 to the 11pro and the deal was 600$ per phone traded, needless to say that didn't happen!!  We sent in all three phones and were only given 100$ on one and 150$ on one and the third nothing, they said it was damaged so it was worth nothing, which was a lie because it was my phone and I know for sure there was absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH IT WHEN I SHIPPED IT!!!!  So you are better off selling your phone online at eBay or something so you get at least something out of it!!!!!!

I hope someone in authority reads this so I at least know they have seen this and know what wiseguy they are to their most important customers, THE LOYAL ones that stay until now!!!!!!!!


Re: Customer Service and Company Policies

New customers also have to pick whatever plan is available at the time of their service while older customers sometimes have better grandfathered plans or loyalty plans. New customers spend $25 more per month for a worst version of the plan we have. Spending an extra $300 a year doesn't sound like new customer bias to me.

Carriers don't make money on phones. The only reason those "free" phone deals seem appealing is because that's to lure someone in for service. If that customer decides to leave before 2 years, they are responsible for whatever was left on the phone.

People that complain about this stuff never look at the bigger picture.

Re: Customer Service and Company Policies
 I just joined Verizon and have been a Sprint customer for 15 yrs. until they started going downhill.  Verizon customer service is just as awful, if not worse. I've been on hold, literally, for over 30 minutes before hanging up.  The only way I was able to speak to someone with a pulse was to put in a call back request.  Someone finally called me back, was only able to answer one of my three questions and transferred me to another representative where I am again on hold for another 20 mins. and counting. There's got to be a better way than this. They take your money, then, because customers have no other option than to use their infrastructure through various telecommunications companies, they get to treat the very people who make them profitable like garbage.  I'm done with cell phones. 
Re: Customer Service and Company Policies
Customer Support

We truly value your 20 years of loyalty and would never want to see you go, Magpie4457. It's important your get the best possible promotion on a new phone. Our promotions are constantly changing and are available for existing and new customers as long as you follow the promotional requirements. We have some really great promotions going on right now for existing customers that will even allow you to trade-in damaged devices. You can check these out here,