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Customer Service at Verizon Downward Spiral

Is it me or is Verizon cutting back on customer service personnel?

Pre-Covid I could reach a human being when I had a question as of late I can NEVER reach a person and currently on hold for 28 long minutes listening to that garbage music a Guantanamo captive would consider spilling the beans once exposed to its cruel piano licks!

Seriously I am considering moving on to a competitor after years of faithful business with if they really care!

Anyone here have the same experience being on hold for a long time only to hang up in frustration?

Is this the future of dealing with large corporation that really just exist to parasitically drain consumers of their money without owing them the courteous professional services they exploit in the media?

Re: Customer Service at Verizon Downward Spiral

Horrific experience here too, waited once for 40 minutes on hold and gave up, another time, 20 minutes. Menus turn in circles, and even hang up on you, now that's new!


Re: Customer Service at Verizon Downward Spiral

I am very surprised(said in sarcasm!) that they i.e. Verizon have not taken notice to the lack of customer service and the ridiculous amount of time their customers are spending trying to get answers and resolutions.

In this time we are all living in where businesses are struggling the last thing you want to do is drive business away. The PR that companies "care" is mainly garbage and many of us who have dealt with the way big corp. give us the runaround are tired of it. Its a real shame CEO's today could give a rats a** about the hard working public. Greed has turned this nation into a pre-third world country in the making you'd be blind not to see whats going around us!

Re: Customer Service at Verizon Downward Spiral
Sr. Member

Nah, it's been like this for years. What customers fail to realize is they are contributing to this poor experience. For every caller with a serious problem, you have x10 more holding up the line.

"Why is my bill higher this month?" You have easy access to bill pdfs, don't waste a reps time looking at them for you. Verizon has nothing to do with Apple specific services such as Apple ID or iCloud, call Apple support for that. Google exists. Any information on a product is just a search away. 

Anything outside of a genuine billing error, technical issue or disconnect request is wasting the time of people waiting in line.

I'd be in favor if they started charging people that call in for nonsense to discourage it. Like a wasting everyone's time fee. Maybe then customers with actual problems wouldn't have to wait so long.