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Customer service - could it be any worse?

I've been a Verizon customer, four lines, unlimited data, plus perks, for about four years.  Switched to Verizon for their network coverage and had heard good things.  Now looking for alternatives due to their insanely, offensively bad customer service.

Why does Verizon make it nearly impossible to speak to someone, or otherwise make contact?  I don't have time to play the games.  I'm sure nobody else does either.

Saga began with constant notification of a past due bill, texts, calls, emails.  Logged into my account and confirm that I have autopay setup, like I do for all my accounts.  Can't figure out why it didn't work and now I have a late fee.  Tried 'Chat/Assistant', I don't recall exactly, to get to bottom of situation.  There's no person, no help, just canned responses based on keywords.  Really?  What a copout, complete joke.  It's so completely unhelpful that it's truly offensive to be put into that system.

Tried calling customer service to figure out what is going on with my auto pay and of course there is no option to speak with an agent.  Surprise, surprise, the only choices are to pay a bill or receive a link for the completely ridiculous 'Chat'.  If you press 0 or ask for agent or ask for anything not supported by the system the default response is actually to text a link to the digital assistant and disconnect.  Just splendid.

I tried to schedule a call back to avoid this mess.  Next availability, tomorrow.  Again, that’s the best Verizon can do?

So I took the option to ‘Pay Bill’ as I figure Verizon would care enough about that to answer with a person, and I was correct, in the Philippines.  So then I got to enjoy a conversation with someone I could barely understand and with the delays and static of talking to someone 5000 miles away.

She did inform me that my auto payment was declined and she waived my late fee.  So at least now I know what happened and I can pay my bill.  Why did that have to be so hard?  

Asked to be transferred to customer service so that I could make a complaint and she gave me the number you find online that is impossible to penetrate.  After objecting to that solution she agreed to transfer me to customer service which eventually got me to someone else in the Philippines.  I hung up and wrote this note.

I don’t have time for this and feel I deserve to speak to someone the one time per year I need to talk to someone.  I’m paying over $3K per year.  Seems fair.