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Day One and Disappointed

I switched from AT&T and today it went live. I switched because I was going to be saving a good amount for 3 lines. Which is what I need as a single mom in law school. I sign into the account and see my bill is $140/month higher than what I was told it would be and higher than my bill at AT&T.

I adjusted the plan to reflect the plans I ACTUALLY picked for my kids lines and it is still higher than I what I was paying and not close to the amount the sales representative told me. I was also told that I would receive an iphone 11 for each of the kids lines plus three $350 gift cards (one for each line). I even asked digging questions to make sure that I understood the rep right. 

All of this was incorrect... the only thing the sales person got right was the colors of the phones. I only signed up that day based off lies without reading ANY reviews which is very off brand for me.

After reading the reviews, I am seeing that this is a common practice with Verizon. I want to call customer service but I think they will just lie to me again. I want to go back to AT&T. 

Re: Day One and Disappointed

The first bill is always higher than the regular monthly plan charges. The first bill includes the activation fees for each new line of service and the partial monthly charges for the few days before the start of your first full billing cycle. There are also taxes and regulatory fees on the top of plan costs. If you have any device payment agreements or insurance, that will be on the bill too. Any bill credits for new phones will take 1 to 2 billing cycles before they are applied. 


For example, since this your first day (8/24/2021) on Verizon Wireless, your bill cycle might not actually start until 8/28/2021 or even later. This close to the end of the month might force the billing cycle to start on 1st of every month. The bill will have the charges for the first full billing cycle period of 8/28/2021 to 9/27/2021 plus a partial billing cycle of 8/24/2021 to 8/27/2021. I haven't seen a copy of someone's first bill with Verizon Wireless since they changed when the bill is due compared to the billing cycle dates so I don't know if they changed when they choose which billing cycle to assign new customers.


Gift cards for switching carriers usually take 4-6 weeks before they arrive. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Day One and Disappointed
Customer Support

Rest assured, we are here to help resolve your concerns. Please send us a Private Message so that we may review your account and work towards a resolution together. *Estevan