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Dear Verizon
  • Today marks the day that it has been a week since I have been on the “best” network (Verizon).  I have to say though I am very disappointed and has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life.
  • It started off as a day when my family got on the same page to join Verizon. The process was supposed to be very simple; go into the website so I could get half off on the activation fee, get a family plan of 5 lines and get the SIM cards delivered to us since we already had the devices. However this was not the case at all, I made the order and once in the cart I was prompted to make an account. I went through that, and I soon ran into my first problem, after entering my SSN I was prompted to call Verizon because they needed more information. So I did that and I was on wait for a long time, they needed me to send in the SSN to core, so I did. Then I called back 10 minutes later, like I was told to, and was on hold again, then they said okay well we will need a form of ID as well and so I sent in my passport, keep in mind I spoke to reps and asked them if my passport would work just fine since I didn’t really have any forms of identity (I don’t have my state ID and I’m getting my drivers license soon) and EVERY single one of them told me “YES! That is perfect!”, after sending my passport in I called back to be on hold again. After finally picking up they asked me what my confirmation code for sending in was and I told it to them, then they told me I would need to resend my SSN because it looked scanned so I took an actual picture and sent it in. Then it failed again. So I sent it in again over and over until finally the rep told me okay it worked now. Then after she told me I can click continue on the website and I should be good to go, then it did not work. So she tried and tried to get my screen to move forward and nothing. So she transferred the call over to a higher department, where they told me to go back and reload the page.So I did and then my order was lost! Then I had to talk to many reps through the website because I did not feel like calling and being on wait again and so it worked at around 11:30 PM but I had been trying to do all of this since 3:00 since they the same day had an outage and their systems were down so everything was going slowly. The rep got my order back and I had to try calling again and send in my passport and SSN AGAIN! and so I did. Then I did the 2 day shipping and it was scheduled for two days, since it was already midnight I felt they needed all of Thursday and all of Friday so it could arrive Saturday.
  • The next day they called one of the numbers I wanted to port over telling me for the porting I needed account numbers and pins. So I had to contact all the previous carriers for the phones and go through a lot of waiting for the other carriers to pick up. After getting everything, I called back and waited 2 hours until someone picked up, I was still responding very kindly and very respectfully because I was still very patient at the time. The porting was successful luckily.
  • The next day was okay since I didn’t get any calls and it was just a matter of waiting for Saturday.
  • When Saturday came this is where things were gonna go down hill. Saturday I was waiting for my package... and it didn’t arrive. I called to see what was going on, and they told me that they couldn’t see, and I tried to call again and they told me if I was provided a shipping tracking number and I wasn’t so she tried to look it up and found the tracking number, which said it was going to arrive on Monday which was yesterday. VERY disappointed I said okay “ but the reason I got 2 day shipping was because I needed it by this weekend”, so the lady told me the best thing I could do was go into a corporate store and get your SIM cards. I said “okay then I will do that”. So I hung up and left to go get the SIM cards I needed, at a corporate store. At the store I spoke to a rep explaining everything, and instead of asking for an account number he just set up a whole new account, at the store he asked for the SSN and for a form of identity and I gave him my passport which he said was fine. He went to go scan it and sent it to Verizon like I did on Wednesday all day. He came back with our SIM cards and information on how to port over the numbers again because I had to REDO that to this new account instead, I also asked him if it was still going to be half off for originally doing all of this online, and he said yes that he would mark on the account the situation and all I had to do was CALL customer service and I just said “okay” and left out the store with temporary numbers and my SIM cards to install. As soon as I got home I called customer service to explain the situation and they transferred me over to the porting center to have them handle it. After calling many different reps one rep finally told me “they would have to cancel all the port requests then do them again onto this new account”. At this point I probably already spent 3 hours to try and get a solution so I said okay. And they needed account numbers and pins again so I gave it to them. Then after they told me “only one went through but the others didn’t want to so they had to transfer me again to a superior service” that could have it handled so I got transferred where they told me that they would have to transfer me back “because only the porting service people could do that” which I said okay again. After another couple of hours of waiting for someone to pick up I finally met the one person who dedicated her time all weekend to help me get this figured out and I thank Jill so much for helping me. On Saturday though  Jill was able to successfully do 2 more ports so In total I had 3 ports complete but I needed 4 and the 5th line was going to keep the temporary number since it was never connected to a carrier. The 4th number was a pain to get transferred since it was showing as not active anymore, after the first attempt to port it over the number deactivated and it was a pain to retrieve. Luckily Jill was able to do that and said she would call me when she was able to do that. That night though one of the phones service stopped working so I called to ask and they told me to do things I tried already. After they couldn’t solve the problem they transferred me everywhere and back and forth and no one had a solution. After spending at last 5 hours calling again I decided to give up and go to the store but the corporate store where I got my SIM cards from was closed so I decided to go to an authorized dealer since the closed 30 minutes later and it was 8:15 still. They didn’t have a solution either and told me I would have to go back to the corporate store in the morning and I said okay. The whole night one of my family members was without service and it was super frustrating for both her and I.
  • In the morning I tried to call one more time and they finally told me all I needed to do was get a new SIM card since the previous was still connected to the temporary number and the ported number. I said okay and went into the corporate store. After getting there I explained the situation and they said yeah okay we will get you a SIM card. We waited for it to activate and it did not want to. So he said it would not work and we would need to get a new phone from them that was compatible but that made no sense because it was working before. He gave us this option for device protection and returning it through that method we agreed but then after being so frustrated we decided to tell him to cancel everything that we were just going to cancel that line completely. The guy said okay, and after we left the store the phone said activated and it started working, but I decided to check my bill and then under the line that was not working and we were offered device protection for it said that device protection was active. I specifically told the man to cancel everything and he didn’t. So I had to talk to a rep and call to get that handled and it was handled quickly luckily and finally everything was working right. All we needed was the final number to port over successfully. The rest of the day was fine.
  • Monday was also fine and Jill called saying the number was finally ported, I really thank her so much for that and for spending her time on it she was honestly so amazing.
  • Tuesday (Yesterday) was fine until noon... At noon all of my phones were not working so I checked after getting WiFi what was going on and it said all of my devices were suspended! I called but it was too late since they closed at 11 and it was 11:10 so I decided to chat through the web and they told me it was because of ID fraud! I explained that how was that possible if I literally showed them everything in store and the rep saw it. And they replied with it was altered. And I laughed (sarcastically) about it and responded with an “again the rep did everything, he sent it in”. The rep I was chatting with told me to call the fraud prevention team and I laughed again to myself and asked “how can I do that if all of my lines are suspended?”. He did not know how to respond so he told me he will activate one phone for the mean time which never happened and the fraud prevention team was closed and not answering. So I had to download a free calling app on my phone and decided to do it this morning.
  • They told me that they needed another form of ID because it was rejected and then another person told me that they can’t have it as a scanned document and it is what the store rep did when I went in on Saturday. I needed my phones today very badly, and told the person “so because a store rep did this wrong and was Verizon’s fault I have to be without service? I asked if a passport was okay and everyone said yes, so why are you rejecting it now?” She said “yes your lines will be suspended until you provide with a proper form of ID and get it done in store”.
  • I hung up very angry and with no patience left at all. All I did the past week was be patient with Verizon but for nothing. I don’t understand, why tell me it was okay for me to have my passport as a form of ID then call me days later saying it was not accepted or I had to do it in store because it was not done correctly the first time! I am about to go in to the store in a couple of hours but I am very angry right now. I have wasted all of my time, for what? Literally nothing, it is not like I’m getting paid to do this or getting a prize or present for this. I’m picking up Verizon’s mess. And Every rep I spoke to told me that customer satisfaction is their priority but I am not longer satisfied. After looking at my call log I spent a total of about 35-40 hours calling this past week to Verizon and most of it was spent waiting. Hours of valuable time wasted on waiting. I had to call off work one day just to get this settled only for this to happen!? I stayed patient the entire week answering kindly and I am officially disappointed and angry.


Re: Dear Verizon
Sr. Leader

I ported back to Verizon in August after 5.5 years with AT&T.

    I can't say I had as much trouble as you did but it was not a smooth transition to do it online. After experiencing a very frustrating attempt, I had to switch in a corporate store.  fortunately the store manager was nice enough to waive half of the activation fees, which was equivalent to getting half price on all of the activation fees.
I have calculated how I would make the switch in the future.  and it sure as heck would not be to do the entire deal online and have anything shipped to me.

I would switch one number over in a store and create an account.  Then I would go home with that account information and switch the other numbers over requesting in-store pick up of all Sim cards.  
aside from a messy online experience everything else has been working just fine.