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Deliberately running a long term customer off?
Have you looked at my data usage? Yall data crapped out on me four months after I moved so I had to get cable internet. So is this just twisting the knife?Screenshot_20220713-174647_Gmail.jpg

Re: Deliberately running a long term customer off?

I'm figuring it in retaliation to my querying the autopay credit. That by the way took 11months to get a straight and precise answer. I moved two years ago and four months after, the data crapped out so I had to get cable internet which is $119.00 a month more along with the $262.16 I pay yall for the same service I've been getting from yall for the last 15yrs. And putting up with it since I don't plan to stay at this location.  But none the less I'm conceding to your inequities. I think you need to consider yall fault in this business matter and actually lowering my bill and keeping me in the grandfathered plan and conceding to me the customer that's been here from the beginning.  I'd call that a prudent business decision on keeping the guaranteed resources, instead of nickle and diming me away from yall. I'm calling it GREED! On yall part and poor management I'd say. As I'd rather keep the long term customers for sure. Any other plan yall have is comparable to every company out there. And just $50.00 a month fir the same quality but with throttling. Don't double talk me yall don't throttle cause I've been throttled for the last two years and I'm paying premium price already. So wears the logic in the price increase ? And no double talk alowed.


 There's a reason I've stuck with Verizon so long but you're changing that sentiment.