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Device Payment Problem

First, I will say that the last week has been the 2nd biggest headache I've ever had with VZW in 18 years as a customer.  A little bit of background, a bit lengthy.

In 2015/2016 I opened a secondary account, for seperate billing, for my grandmother in-law who was in a skilled nursing faucility and unable to get a decent connection with there landline. My father in-law, at the time, agreed to pay the bill as it was easier for me to set ip a seperate billing than him doing a credit check and so forth. Fast forward to April 2017 my grandmother in law had passed and we no longer needed the devices. But, I held on to them to see if my father in law or daughter may want to use it. They didn't not use it. Come June/ early July 2017 I go into a store to get a ne SIM card and asked the store rep to disconnect the secondary account. He advicsed it was best to do so on the last day of the bill cycle to avoid proration. He verified with me that he would future date the disconnect and that everything would be taken care of.  Come November/December 2017 I go to get a new memory card in store and the rep tells me one of my lines are eligible for an upgrade. We started looking into phones and during the process he advised me that there was an equipment charge that needed to get paid before I could upgrade. SoI made the payment and waited a few days for it to process int he system. I then tried to upgrade. I was told I could not due to a nonpayment disconnect on the account taht was closed in July. However, they are saying it closed in November due to non payment!!! Mind you I had received NO bills calls or letters about this overdue balance. After days on the phone and demanding they look that there was no previous usage since April 2017 and being bounced around from rep to rep, department to department, and even hung up on multiple times. A fincanical service manager, Melissa, offered to look into eveything and call me back with a resolution. I got a call 2 dayas later that they zero'd the account and that the balance was credited and now closed. By this time I had given my daugheter a phone that I had got on a BOGO free offer back in May on our main account- The phone had just been sitting around new unused. a little over 2 years later My mom upgraded her phone and gave her old phone to my duaghter and I had just bought a pixel 3a XL from a freind for super cheap in excellent condition, who was upgrading to the pixel 4. I say this because we had no need to upgrade any lines at that point. I don't upgrade unless necessary I don't do it to keep up with the Jones. 

So, now I have 2 phones out of 4 that are absolutely useless unless on WiFi and I ca't even make calls while in the car. And my Pixel went out, black screen not able to recover. I try to upgrade and then I was told I'm not eligible for the device payment program!! When asking why they said because I owed $423.63 on this secondary account from 2017!!!! In the 5 years I haven't received one bill, letter, phone call, and absolutely nothing on my credit reports. I spent the morning of 8/19/22 trying to get it resolved to upgrade my lines as I'm now moivnig my daughter away to college and cannot have her without a reliable phone. I was told there would be a dispute review and it would take 24 hours and I would get an email with the outcome. I requested to know dates and addresses as to where the bills and letters regarding outstanding balances were going to. As well as proof of usage after April 2017. Come 8/20/22 no email so I call and was told Monday I would get an answer. Monday afternoon comes, no email so I call again and now i'm being told Tuesday. I called Tuesday I was told to just wait for an email. It is now Friday a week later, 8/26. I call and was told they want the full balance and it's 100% valid. They did not provide dates or address for bills or letters or the last date  of usage. But they refused to zero the balance as I was told it was in December of 2017. After a lot of talk they would only settle for $276. I was so over the poor service and help that I just settled to be able to upgrade my duaghers line at the least. And file a complaint later. I was told I'd be able to do it right away.

So, I try to upgrade and it's tell me to pay full retail. I online chat with a rep who tells me I need to wait until September 6-10th!!!! And that I can only purchase up to $450 on the device payment program!!!!

I have been a customer since 2004, when I was an employee back then but since left. I pay every month. Maybe not on time, since they've changed my due date 2 times without my consent due to system changes. But none the less it is paid every month (I'm a single parent with 5 kids, in California). I have always paid off my billed equipment charges. I rarely call in about anything or go into the store for complaints. And this is the lack luster service they provide. So, because I don't frequently upgrade and becuase they, Verizon Wireless, messed up big time on the secondary account not once but twice I'm being told I can only upgrade up to $450 and that our phones are too old to trade in for the up to $800 credit. This whole process is a awful and a bait and switch. I remember when VZW prided themselves on customer service and one call resolutions and retention. Now they don't care about any of that. Tomorrow if I cannot upgrade and get a larger device payment program amount I will be leaving. That will be the straw that broke this back. @verizonpoorcustomerse @poorcustomerservice 

Re: Device Payment Problem
Customer Support

I am sorry to learn of the trouble you had with regarding the subaccount. This is certainly not the experience we want any of our customers to have. Getting a new phone should always be exciting. When it comes to device spending limits there are certain factors that are reviewed. There is also a process in place that it gets reevaluated. 


Re: Device Payment Problem
Sr. Leader

It is unclear why you have two phones that are useless except on Wi-Fi?

if you’re buying through the carrier, it’s time to cleanse your pallet.  If you want a new Google fixx buy it from Google. Google has their own installment option for 24 months. And you can probably get a six or a six Pro cheap because the sevens are coming out soon.