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Device Promo Deception!



I have contacted Verizon SEVEN TIMES over the last seven months for help. I'm DONE. Either this gets resolved or I'm going to another carrier.

I purchased an upgrade on Black Friday online. When I received the phone, it would NOT go through set-up. I took it to the local store for help. While there, the in-store rep reset the sale and told me I might have a billing issue and would need to call to have it corrected. This was the beginning of the Verizon Nightmare from heck.

Sure enough, the next month, I got a bill higher than expected. I called in on 12/30/20 and talked to a representative, Paul (ESCJOVM3M), who ASSURED me he would correct my account and to allow up to 2 months for it to be accurately reflected. I wait the two months - no resolution.

On 03/01/21, I called in and spoke with Anna (GT121), who again assured me she would correct the issue and it would resolve in a week.

By this time, I've started receiving notices that my phone had not been activated (though I was using it daily - often to call Verizon!) and that my account was PAST DUE! Not just that - I now owed over $1k because I didn't "activate" my phone - despite USING IT DAILY AND PAYING MY BILL THAT WAS MORE THAN I AGREED TO! 

Having had ZERO resolution by phone, I decided to chat to try to retain some further documentation. Chat Reference 8757283e with Jun. I was assured that 1) my account wasn't past due 2)that he would work to resolve my missing Black Friday promo discount.

I, again, wait to see if the issue is resolved. Absolutely not to my surprise - it was not. I'm absolutely LIVID at this point. I made YET ANOTHER CALL on 05/07/21 and connect with Pearl (2231891). We agree that I should be receiving a $400 device promo over the 24 months, or $16.67/mo. She advised the the promo was added (like I'd heard so many times before). She also went ahead and applied the amount of the promo's that I had missed up to that point to try and placate me and apologize for the most inept customer service that I had received prior to reaching her.

I am now caring for a terminally ill family member in Hospice and did not/do not have the time, energy, or mental capacity to fight with Verizon customer service again. Instead, I chose to pay the excessive bill just to retain my service and my sanity through the most trying period of my life. So, now, I'm trying to reach out to the Verizon community. 

I am at my WIT'S END with this. I've threatened to take my business elsewhere - after all, I've certainly not received ANY FORM of customer service, despite being a customer for nearly 15 years! 

I've attempted to call back in to talk to YET ANOTHER representative and I've been placed on hold and seemingly forgotten about - or intentionally avoided, as it seems. 


1) Help me connect with a supervisor.

2) Help apply the correct device promo so I quit having to call EVERY fudging MONTH.

3) Help apply the correct device promo so I quit having to OVERPAY my contract because VERIZON fails to correct the billing after SEVEN CONTACTS over SEVEN MONTHS.

4) Terminate my contract, without prejudice, to go somewhere else if Verizon isn't willing to correct this asinine issue that apparently no one in the organization can correct. If Verizon truly doesn't want to retain my business, I'm happy to go elsewhere!

I'm fed up. I've NEVER received this poor of service from ANYONE - not even COMCAST! I've literally never been treated worse at any other organization to which I pay, faithfully and on time, for over a decade! 

Please help before I lose my dang mind over this!



Re: Device Promo Deception!

Black Friday sales are time sensitive and sometimes only valid for that day only. Voiding out a promo sale to do another one after a promo expired invalidates any promotional savings. It's the same with any company if you miss a sale.

Another thing to consider is a ton of people try activating at once during holidays. This can create a delayed activation.

For any one reading, do NOT make lots of changes, be patient. Making many changes at once to fix a problem that requires time to resolve often creates a much bigger problem.