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Direct deceit and lies by Verizon - I was promised a rebate Mastercard and got a useless eGift card instead! Customer service ignoring me

I was a long-time customer of Verizon. Because of a job I had a few years ago, I briefly had to switch to AT&T. I was finally able to break free of that company and come back to Verizon like I always wanted. I returned and opened a new plan on 4/12/2021. One of the reasons I was convinced to return was because I was within the dates of a promotion going on with Verizon. I was promised a $300 money-back rebate in the form of a Mastercard after making my purchase. As someone who has been hit hard financially this past year (who hasn't), I was relying on that $300 rebate as a source of income. 

This morning I receive an email from a very suspicious looking email address: [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]. It does not say it is from Verizon or anything like that, so I forwarded to Verizon's phishing email. I then opened an online chat with a representative. I asked if the email was legitimate and they said yes it was. But the email has NO information about how to use or redeem the card. It just gives the card number, a PIN, and tells me to shop for Verizon items. I ask if this gift card is what I am getting instead of the rebate. The chat rep goes silent and never responds. So I open up a second chat with another agent. This person does respond and say yes, this gift card is all that I am getting. 

I find it incredibly deceitful to promise a REBATE but to send a VERIZON GIFT CARD instead. These are two very different things and you cannot promise one but give another. I am still waiting for my real rebate like I was promised, or else I will try to close my account and file an FTC report on my experiences. Verizon customer service is notoriously terrible but now they are just falsely advertising and misleading us. This is so unacceptable. 

I just spent hundreds of dollars on two brand-new devices and an expensive line. What would I ever need to spend $300 MORE on at the Verizon store? I just want my money back as promised!

To put the icing on the cake, I was told I could use the gift card to pay my bill. But when I try to enter the gift card as a new payment method, I am not given the option. I can only add a bank account or a debit card. It is not letting me add the gift card balance as a payment method so I can try and cover my bills for a couple of months. And when I asked the second chat rep how I can use the card to pay my bill, they ended the chat without saying anything. We were in the middle of a conversation and I was literally ignored and closed out. 

I was roped into a new account and 2 new devices on the premise that I was signing up under a promotional offer that turned out to be a complete lie. Not only did I not get the rebate as promised, but I received a gift card from an ambiguous email that explains absolutely nothing and I can't even use it to pay my bill. 

Ridiculous. Verizon is a scam!

Re: Direct deceit and lies by Verizon - I was promised a rebate Mastercard
Customer Support



I'm alarmed to hear that you received your rebate, but it was not in the form you were expecting, and you have not been able to use it to pay your bill! We are here to help, and I would like to review the offer you signed up for, and see why you received the Verizon gift card, and how we can help resolve this. Please respond to our Private Note, for assistance with your account. 


Thank you, 


Re: Direct deceit and lies by Verizon - I was promised a rebate Mastercard and got a useless eGift card instead! Customer service ignoring me

I got that same offer and did what you clearly did NOT do, I read the fine print. It says in the fine print that it's a verizon egift card. I even did a screenshot of the fine print for future reference. In this case its your fault and not verizons