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Discount welching/False advertisement.


“Dear Jonathon,


I’m reaching out with a limited-time offer that's just for you.”




Funny way to start, I know, but all will be explained…


     An offer just for me, I was excited and happy to save some money on my internet bill, all the while happy to get a great deal on unlimited wireless service as well.  It seemed like a no brainer, free iphone 12, $250.00 credit for a tablet, $30.00 credit off my internet bill as well as a $10.00 Mobile + Home Rewards discount credit off my wireless bill for the whole time I keep and maintain both services, $10 off my wireless bill with autopay as well and a bunch of add ons trials.  I said to myself, WOW!!  I thought I hit the jack pot and Verizon was actually trying to give back to its loyal customers.  Boy was I wrong!


     Attached is the email with the advertisement/“offer” which was sent to my email, the same offer was mailed to my home as well!


     I state this because I was TOLD that this offer does not apply to me.  I was not told that when I called the number that is on the advertisement I received, I was told I would be getting all the discounts mentioned.  “I’m reaching out with a limited-time offer that's just for you.”  Remember that?  A offer that is just for me, but not really?  


Confusing, I know.


I was told I was not eligible to receive this discount for three main reasons:


  1. I have a “grandfathered” internet plan.
  2. I would have to “upgrade” my internet plan to get the $30.00 monthly internet discount credit as well as the $10.00 Mobile + Home Rewards discount credit.
  3. I was not supposed to receive this offer.


Here are my responses to all three:


  1. No where in the advertisement does it say ANYTHING about plans being “grandfathered”.  It clearly states that I will receive the discounts for having both the fios internet and a Verizon wireless unlimited plan, no mention or fine print “grandfathered” plans.
  2. No where in the advertisement does it state ANYTHING about “upgrading” my internet plan, even though I have a gigabit connection which is what they wanted me to “upgrade” to.  Also, the plan they want me to “upgrade” to is $70.00 MORE with the $30.00 internet credit per month discount included!! For the same exact service!!  What an upgrade!
  3. “I was not supposed to receive this offer”.  The offer that is “JUST FOR YOU” is not for me!  An offer that was sent to my home and email is not for me, an offer for me, Jonathon, but its not for me?  I know, confusing.



     Now imagine spending hours of your life trying to get the discount that was advertised and promised to you.  Imagine spending hours on hold, getting calls dropped all to be told that this “offer” is not for me and there is absolutely nothing they can do to honor the “mistake” Verizon made.  This does not sound like a company I want to do business with and that is sad because Verizon by far has the best products and services.


     I understand accidents happen, I do.  But to falsely advertise something, send me two different types of communications with the offer “just for me” and then claim that the “offer for me” was a mistake and that it really is not for me and there is nothing they can do about it is the part that is not sitting well with me.  After all, Verizon sent me the offer, Verizon told me I would receive these discounts when I called the number on the advertisement they sent.  I did my part, I gave Verizon MORE of my business, MORE of my time, MORE of my hard earned money, Verizon did NOT do there part and will not honor there “offer”.  


After all is said and done the offer a Verizon supervisor offered me is this:


  1. A $20.00 internet credit per month for 24 months.  Not for the duration of me keeping the internet and wireless unlimited plans.
  2. A $10.00 Mobile + Home Rewards monthly credit for 24 months.  Not for the duration of me keeping the internet and wireless unlimited plans.


     The reason I accepted to take this “offer for you” when I received it in early October was because it sounded like a great deal and would run as long as I have the services, like I said, it sounded like I hit the jackpot.  Nope, Verizon pulled the rug out from under my feet and will not even honor there own advertisements.  This is text book false advertisement.  


     I write this to hopefully get the discounts I was promised and so that others do not get falsely sold a “offer” which they think is great and get duped.  That is not acceptable from a reputable business as large as Verizon.





Thank you, 











Re: Discount welching/False advertisement.

Funny how an associate will answer every other message in here EXCEPT this one.  Only post with 0 replies other than this one.