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Do not trade your phone in

Purchased 4 new phones at Costco and wanted to pay in full but was told they were not allowed to do that but Verizon would let you make a down payment as large as you wanted. I put a large down payment on each. I then decided to trade my old phones in so I contacted verizon and initiated a trade in. Was given $300 credit per phone and was given the option for a one time payment through paypal which is what i wanted. The transaction didnt go through and monthly bill credits were initiated. In the mean time I had payed off the small balance on the phones which was a big mistake. Hidden in the agreement is the fact that you are required to keep your phone on payments. So long story short they paid a fraction of the $1200 dollars and kept all four phones.

I will never trade another phone in to them, keep your phone and sell it yourself!

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Re: Do not trade your phone in

I went to COSTCO store #1058 and was trying to buy my grandson a new Apple cell phone. He picked one out and the representative told me that we would get a trade in on our old phone. He asked to see the phone and told us to expect a $700 trade in reimbursement. Well, I followed the instructions 3 different times and Verizon didn't send the return box. They even could not look back on messages I went back and forth about with them. I contacted them directly and they told me on several occasions they would send a return box. They (Verizon) also told me the trade in amount would be $700. I ended up returning the phone to them and they said they noted everything in my file as the trade in time frame was passing. Needless to say, I have not gotten anything that I know about. I am so mad it's crazy. If it wasn't my grandson I would try and return it. I am at a loss of what to do.

Re: Do not trade your phone in
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Should always go to a corporate store and not places like costco.  I will say I go to best buy and have no issues but I pay cash for my phone and don't trade in my old one.  Less hassle that way.