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Do not trade your phone in

Purchased 4 new phones at Costco and wanted to pay in full but was told they were not allowed to do that but Verizon would let you make a down payment as large as you wanted. I put a large down payment on each. I then decided to trade my old phones in so I contacted verizon and initiated a trade in. Was given $300 credit per phone and was given the option for a one time payment through paypal which is what i wanted. The transaction didnt go through and monthly bill credits were initiated. In the mean time I had payed off the small balance on the phones which was a big mistake. Hidden in the agreement is the fact that you are required to keep your phone on payments. So long story short they paid a fraction of the $1200 dollars and kept all four phones.

I will never trade another phone in to them, keep your phone and sell it yourself!

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Re: Do not trade your phone in

I went to COSTCO store #1058 and was trying to buy my grandson a new Apple cell phone. He picked one out and the representative told me that we would get a trade in on our old phone. He asked to see the phone and told us to expect a $700 trade in reimbursement. Well, I followed the instructions 3 different times and Verizon didn't send the return box. They even could not look back on messages I went back and forth about with them. I contacted them directly and they told me on several occasions they would send a return box. They (Verizon) also told me the trade in amount would be $700. I ended up returning the phone to them and they said they noted everything in my file as the trade in time frame was passing. Needless to say, I have not gotten anything that I know about. I am so mad it's crazy. If it wasn't my grandson I would try and return it. I am at a loss of what to do.

Re: Do not trade your phone in
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Should always go to a corporate store and not places like costco.  I will say I go to best buy and have no issues but I pay cash for my phone and don't trade in my old one.  Less hassle that way.  

Re: Do not trade your phone in
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Jpotts401, this is definitely not the experience we want any of our customers to have when trading in their devices. It can usually take anywhere from one to two billing cycles for the trade-in credits to be applied to the account. Do you recall if you ever received any emails with a submission ID?  ~Ivone