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Does Verizon hate all their customers or just me?

Customer since 2008. Upgraded my phone several times, but have to say they have done everything in their power to push me away. Paid off my current phone early so I can upgrade, and did. They shipped my phone and because I work 12 hour days at least 6 days a week, I knew I would not be home to receive it. Also, my building cannot be accessed without a key and FedEx does not have one. It also cannot be left outside the building on a busy city street for, at least, several hours and not get stolen. FedEx attempted to deliver three times even though I contacted them and told them I would not be home and wanted to pick it up from them when I finally had a day off. They would not allow me because Verizon doesn’t allow customers to pick up their orders directly from the couriers. After several phone calls, live chats, and texts with arguing back and forth with several employees, I was given the option of having my phone sent to a Verizon store and have an appointment on one of three select days, all of which I am working. They claim there is no protocol for allowing the couriers to release a package to the addressed customer even if I have ID and the address matches. As if they don’t make their money selling device that offer at least three different was to immediately contact FedEx and say it’s ok for me to pick up my phone. I wasted so many hours of my life on this ordeal and they refuse to offer a/the reasonable solution and finally just got that they don’t want me as a customer any longer. 

Re: Does Verizon hate all their customers or just me?
Sr. Member

You're not exactly the norm. Most people aren't working 12 hrs 6 days a week. I mean kudos to what you do, but that's not something I'd fault Verizon for.

Depending on the type of phone you're trying to upgrade to, might be better getting outside Verizon.

Re: Does Verizon hate all their customers or just me?
Customer Support

Upgrading should be an exciting event, and I apologize that this has not been the case. We appreciate you as someone who has been with Verizon for more than 12 years. Let's see what we can do so you can get your phone despite your busy schedule. Is there an alternate address we can send the device to? For example, someone who you trust that can look after the device while you're at work or who would be willing to wait at your home in order to sign for the device? FedEx also has a signature release form you might be interested in so no signature is required. You can find the information on that here: