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Does anyone at Verizon CARE about service AT ALL?!

Left VZW in June because the coverage PLUMMETED after opening the floodgates of unlimited everything in my area.  Yesterday, tried to switch BACK because my new carrier's service was even worse.  Spent about 30 minutes online with a VZW "chat" rep and placed my order.  Get a call later saying I need to call or my order will be cancelled.  What?  I call the number, stay on hold for over forty minutes, had a meeting, so had to call back today.  Call back today, and a SNARKY fraud rep tells me that I have to send in a copy of my driver's license.  Ummm.... WHY?  Won't tell me why, but oh - BTW, you also need to provide proof of residency.  EXCUSE ME?!  I'm a Verizon customer for SIXTEEN YEARS, and now I have to  prove, what exactly?  And neither this fraud rep or the OTHER FIVE VZW EMPLOYEES with whom I spoke thereafter will tell me why I'm having to do this.  I tell the fraud rep to just cancel my order.  She says if she cancels my order it'll be considered fraud on my part.  What does that even mean?  Is she threatening me?  Whatever.  She transfers me to customer service.  They transfer me back to fraud.  Fraud transfers me back to customer service.  I tell the rep (Dre) that I want to cancel the order, and he hangs up on me.  NICE.  I call back, talk to Cedric; he has to get a supervisor to cancel the order because there's something weird with it.

What has HAPPENED to you, Verizon?!  You used to be the VERY best in all areas technologically and in customer service.  Now I'm going to have to tell everyone I know how bad you guys are and SO difficult to do business with.  The other major carriers -- Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T -- do NOT require their new customers to jump through these STUPID hoops.  Apparently, they're okay with my credit application being approved even though I wasn't a SIXTEEN-YEAR CUSTOMER with them.

It's a sad day when I'm trying to give you my money and you just don't want it.  Pride goeth before the fall, Verizon.

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Re: Does anyone at Verizon CARE about service AT ALL?!
Customer Support

This is the last thing we want you to experience when you come back to us Grewar38. We do take our customers security seriously and it was only for your protection. We would love for you to come back to us and I hope you reconsider. If you do please contact us at 800-256-4646. I hope I explained this okay. 


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Re: Does anyone at Verizon CARE about service AT ALL?!

verizon reps do lie to lock a commission and the customer in the end gets nothing, just a bill. verizon doesn't care and has horrible "customer service". they only care about making their money.