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Done, Tired of Verizon
Nothing but Lies And Broken promises



How true. I am on line with a chat as I type trying to get them to live up to their promise. I have two chats, printed out, quoting me prices for my three lines and none of them are now true. I had to ask for a supervisor three times and am now on a hold chat waiting for one. I even forced the questions on my previous chat so they had to answer basic questions as to the cost, which they did, and far....they are not supporting their employees info to me. But they are always good at apologizing!!

I'm still waiting for the supervisor. I'm also wondering where this site goes to. I see someone from Verizon responding to they monitor this site?

The supervisor is now throwing questions at me, trying to understand I assume. 

So now the supervisor just apologizes (which they are good at) and offers a credit for the two months bills. But then my bill goes way up.  Oh great, now none of my return messages on the chat are being delivered. ??

Apparently I have been disconnected!! Would love to talk with someone who is professional, intelligent and can use correct grammar. In the mean time, I will begin to search out other mobile phone companies. Ok, had to go back and sign in again. And am now being told my employer discount does not apply with the new plan they lied to me about. I backed up my story with the printed chat, but no support of their own employees. It should be noted that they also apologized. Great training on how to apologize and how often. One would think after reading all the reviews on this site you would want to retrain. 

On hold again....wonder I got disconnected again? Oops, they came back and apologized for the delay. Same response, I asked to be connected to her supervisor, Jill (rep) says her supervisor "don't" take calls from chat. They will only give me the credit for the last two months. 

Now its time to look at T-mobile and AT&T. I am tired of this with Verizon. I have been with them since the '90s and always put up with these issues. Not any more....I'm tired.