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Early upgrade and iPhone 12 promo

I have a major frustration.  For the past 3 days I have been looking into upgrading to the iPhone 12.  Our plan and phones fit the language in the promotional material but you never know so I’ve called and made sure, I was assured we qualified for the trade in promotion, It’s a great deal! I tried to do it online finally Yesterday and it said our phones and plan didn’t qualify.  So I started chatting with someone at Verizon.  Turns out, even though it’s not in any of the information anywhere within Verizon or that can be sent to, early upgrades can never receive trade in promotions.  As a customer you are just supposed to know this.  What makes this so?  According to the award winning customer service, the words “your phone” which means you have to own it, paid in full.  I pointed out that every page that references the phone says “your phone” even the trade in page and early upgrades, however they said no one cares about that, promotions are this way.  So I asked if, since I needed to pay off my phones to get a promotion, does my payoff on my current phones include the discount for the promotion on them?  No, because you have to have active service for 24 months.  So the “no contract” is really a lie?  

in summary if you want a new trade in promo, payoff your phone during these tough times, when all I’m trying to do is lower my bill since my spouse lost her job.  Second if you try to payoff your phone, your promotion no longer counts and your now in a contract.  In my case, it’s a total of $500 that Verizon won’t budge on but on less than half our previous income it’s difficult for us.  I’ve asked to talk to a manager or someone else to help, I was told it’s a firm policy no one will make an exception.

 I came back to Verizon from T-mobile after 8 years, I never had a problem upgrading, ever.  I would like to have someone call me and fix this.

Re: Early upgrade and iPhone 12 promo
Sr. Member

It doesn't make business sense to give someone value on something they don't own. Second part isn't the same as breaking a service contract.

You agreed to pay a phone off over 24 months for the retail amount. You can pay at any point which is just the cost of the equipment. Having a promo attached doesn't change this, it does change whether or not you continue to receive monthly promo credits. You're still 100% responsible for the loan being paid, any monthly credits is just a bonus. Don't pay early if you don't want those to drop.

If money is an issue, you shouldn't even be focusing on getting a new phone unless you have no choice. There's nothing to fix -- you can still trade early towards the 12, you'll just have to finance at the regular price like everyone else. If you're trying to lower the bill, look at plan changes.


Re: Early upgrade and iPhone 12 promo

I appreciate your comments, thanks.  Switching phones actually lowers my monthly payments because the equipment costs go down.  While I understand it doesn't make business sense to give someone value on something they don't own, we have 6 months left, does it make business sense to lose a customer over 6 months.  

Interestingly enough, in checking with all the other carriers, they don't do this.  While I understand the business side of it, you can state that lowering my plan (I'm on a military plan already which is lower) and since the plan that I have gives other perks, I am able to save much more money elsewhere in my budget, so if I lower my plan, which with the phone I current have would save me $10 a month, other bills I have would go up by $30 a month.  This doesn't make budgetary sense, which intern doesn't make overall economic sense for the country.  If customers can't pay, companies lay people off, if people are laid off, people don't pay their bills.  Economics at it's finest. 

No one created the issues we are facing with this Pandemic, but we should be mindful to what we say to who as we don't know their personal situation.