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Edged Up and billed for remaining Edge contract

So back in September I pre-ordered the Note 4.  I order to pre-order the phone I had to pay 1 Edge payment to meet the 50% paid retail price of the phone.  I received the new phone in October, activated it, waited only a few days to make sure everything transferred before i sealed up my old phone and sent it back.  This was in October.

Last month (March), i logged into my account to check my balance and saw some outrageous number.  i immediately tried to figure out what the balance could be from but was unable to figure it out.  I called customer service and explained my situation.  They asked me if i returned my old phone, to which i replied and gave them the tracking number which showed received by Verizon in October.  After the CS rep looking into the account a little further, they saw that the unexplained charges were the balance of my previous Edge agreement and that I "edged up" in february.  I told them that I did no such thing in February and my new phone was received and actvated in October.  If they show that I edged up in february then they need to prove that I have 2 Note 4's.  Needless to say, they retracted their statement, When they further investigated.  it was then determined that from October to February the Edge payments I was making were actually toward my old Edge agreement for my Note 3.

I requested that the charges of $233.28 be removed from my account and that my current Edge agreement be updated to reflect the correct amount of payments.  They said that since the amount was so high that a supervisor would have to approve the credit and I should see the credit reflect in my account within a few days.  and as for the Edge agreement correction, they said that it would then be correct after the credit was applied.  I told them it wouldnt because my old edge agreement should have stopped in october and the new one start in november.  if i want to edge up again in november this year i wouldnt be able to because i would have to pay several payments in order to do so.- but if they corret the agreement then i could upgrade in november if i so choose.

well ,many calls to several agents later and my account still shows the $233.28, and my current Edge agreement has also not been updated.

this is how they treat their loyal customers.

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