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Escalations Department for Trade In

I have moved to Verizon from T Mobile in Oct, 2019 and traded in two devices.
I'm not receiving credits for one of the device, I have called and texted the customer support multiple times and spent hours on it repeatedly since past few months but still it is not resolved.

Re: Escalations Department for Trade In
Customer Support

We are concerned to hear that after switching over to us in October you have still not received credits for one of your devices. This is definitely not the experience that we want for you to have, and we will be glad to look into the issue to get it resolved. We want to make sure that we are on the same page. What exactly happened the last time that you spoke to us? What exact credit were you supposed to receive? DavidR_VZW

Re: Escalations Department for Trade In

I have two new iphone's since october and the credit I'm receiving currently on one of the lines is $20.83 and the same is expected on the other phone too.

The last time I spoke to customer service the duration of the call was for more than one hour and I was told that a request to review is raised and it should be resolved in a week.

Re: Escalations Department for Trade In

My wife and I switched back to Verizon in April of 2020 based on the promotional offerings at that time. Specifically, $550 trade in offer for both our iPhone 8 and to switch offer, with unlimited plan, of $150. Since that time only my wife has received credit for her phone and neither of us has received our $150 gift card after 3 months of payments.


  • I planned on keeping my iPhone 8 Plus with 256 GB because I loved it. in fact, I had the screen replaced (slight scratch) and the battery replaced because I knew I would need  it for at least 2 years. (Proof of work documented)
  • When my wife's iPhone 11 arrived I then decided I would like to switch.  I called to see if this was possible and still claim the $150 and $550 promos.  I was provided a firm yes on both promos.
  • I shipped my phone in the provided envelope and box.
  • I was then offered $85 vs $550 (15% of the value) based upon "product did not match what was received" so I asked for my iPhone back, which part of the T&C is not possible.
  • They then confirmed the IMEI number did match and it was a mistake, but then they said the phone was not fully operable and had a chip in the glass devaluing the trade in.
  • I then informed them, upon the suggestion of one of their reps, I photographed and videotaped my iPhone 8 Plus before shipping against dated material to prove it was in exceptional condition, no flaws, and the video shows 100% operable. I offered this several times for their viewing but no one requested (6 Reps).
  • I then went through a succession of customer service reps and trade in dept reps who all confirmed through chat and by voice that my circumstances warranted immediate attention and resolution, sympathizing with exceptional care. Many went so far to investigate, escalate and even identify why this may have happened. And yes, they would call me back.
  • I never received one response from anyone at Verizon.  I had to initiate another call to explain this situation again and they verified the history against their internal chat and conversation journal. The same result; I tell the story, they sympathize, escalate and I receive no word back not even an informal response.
  • Then due to this back and forth it negated our $150 Gift Card eligibility because of the defect and not completing the online request for promo.

I am demanding, at this point, my case be escalated and that the proof my phone was sent to you in exceptional condition be reviewed.  I have thoroughly documented the conversations and documentation regarding this matter.  This runs dangerously close to class action practices identified as "Delay and Obstruction" tactics. 

Immediate resolution: $550.00 trade in value for my phone and two $150 Gift cards, as assured, for switching to Verizon and selecting an unlimited plan.