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Excellent customer service.

I'm sorry if I got the location for this post wrong. But I felt like creating a discussion about the excellent customer service I almost always get from Verizon. I've been with them for close to seven years and what happened to me on December 10th, 2 days ago, was pretty hard to swallow. I was close to being able to close some lines on my account that I had been getting credits for 22 months. I have 10 lines.  Anyway, there were so many small credits on my bill over the years that I for 22 months had not realized that one $31 credit was not applying to my account.  

         Call started that morning I asked a gracious lady named Virginia to just close the lines I had just paid off. After doing that, I somehow after 7 years stumbled on to a unique way of reading my bill. I did this by clicking on the pdf version of my Verizon website. This enabled these plus signs out to the side of each number that I could click on and it would drop down and show me everything, charges, credits, so forth. This led me after being on the phone for 40-something minutes with Virginia to call back and speak with Crystal, who was also very good at her job. She could not help me, she had not the authority to make those kinds of changes. I got upset, but I also got upset that she remained so nice and did not get upset with me so I could escalate my anger. After being on the phone with her for almost 2 hours, I asked after exhausting everything she could try to speak with someone else who could make a decision or a supervisor. She gladly did so with sincere empathy for me and wished me happy holidays. 

   They handed me off to a young man named Michael. Turned out Michael was not so young he just sounded like it he was actually in his 50s. I know this because we talked for quite some time, trying to figure out how to fix my account. He did so after combing through everything and realizing that I was right, credit had been removed by no fault of my own. This would take me two or three pages to explain what happened. The short version of my very long post is the excellent customer service at Verizon was able to calm me down, fix my account and yet again make doggone sure that I never leave. 

 I just felt like posting a good story here on the forums about something that Verizon does excellent and that is customer service. I kept Imagining the entire time that if I was with Dell the computer company right now, I would be connected to I think the Philippines where there would have been a language barrier that would have made this whole (4 hr. phone call) process absolutely horrible. So, I thank you Verizon for keeping your customer service in the US. 

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