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Exchanging iPhone


I bought the iPhone 12 to upgrade the phone I’ve had for a while, and then- my job started requiring us to download a lot apps on my phone. So, I needed to buy a new phone with more space. I then decided Id give it to my daughter as a graduation present, but remembered she really wanted the purple iPhone 12.

So started this long process to exchange this iphone for a different color. Nothing different besides the color. I went to my local verizon and at first it was going to happen, but that they didn’t have any purple phones. Even so, they said they’d still order it for us. But they then said they’d have to add a new line on our account (not a chance I’d do that) then once it got to the store they would cancel the line and put it in my old iPhone 12. I thought this was very strange so I called verizon and they let me know how strange that the store would say that. The lady I spoke with said it was not a worry that what she would do was send the box with the tags that it needed to be returned and once it got to the warehouse they would be able to process the payment for the purple iPhone.

This was Wednesday the 23rd of June. The box was supposed to arrive that Friday, and unfortunately it never showed. We spoke with an agent that Sunday and they emailed us the tags so we could print it out and send it on Monday. We had a call scheduled with the lady who processed our return, and she didn’t end up calling us back till Wednesday. She told us the package hadn’t arrived, and on Friday it finally showed up. However, they said it hadn’t been processed and that we wouldn’t be able to process the latest till Friday the 9th. 

Throughout this entire process we’ve been extreme patient and understanding, because we’ve never had problems with verizon like this before. We’ve been on hour long phone calls just waiting on hold. Speaking with verizon agents virtually for hours. Because we were assured that we would get this phone.

We called today July 10th and told that it was processed, but that however they were sold out of purple. We are really disappointed at this outcome as we were assured this would happen. And that nobody put this phone on hold for us because we have been so patient. 

I am beyond baffled that we were put in this process for so long only to not get the phone. 

Re: Exchanging iPhone

That isn't how Verizon does things. Assuming you were returning within the 14 day window, you have to wait for Verizon to receive the phone before anything else is done.

By having the phone in their position, they remove the device payment and restore upgrade eligibility. Trying to do things early can only be done with a new line. While that line can be cancelled, it's best to wait.

Product is first come first serve. There is no reservation. Even if you ordered while it was in stock, someone else could have been a little quicker and they'd get the phone.

With how expensive phones have gotten, just get a purple phone case so that it has protection instead of going through this effort for a vanity reason. It's also considerably cheaper since a return means a $50 restocking fee + a $35 upgrade fee.