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Extremely Bad Customer Service

I am a new customer to Verizon and would like to share my experience I have recently had with Verizon's Customer Service.

I recently switched over to Verizon from Sprint in late June 2015.  The Verizon Store in the mall was advertising a special that by bringing over your cell phone number from another wireless company Verizon will give you $100 and if you turn in your old smart phone Verizon will give you $200.  My husband and I went into the store to inquire and was told by switching over and turning in our phones we would each receive as $300 credit. So we signed up.

We picked our new phones (both the same) but were only able to trade in my husband's phone at the time because the store only had 1 in stock.  The store said they would order my phone and it would come in the mail.  I asked if I could turn in my old phone to the store in person when I received my new to make sure they would credit my account and was told yes.  A few days later my new phone arrived. I went to the store to switch over my phone and turn in the old one.  I was now told that I would have to send my old phone back to Verizon myself to be sure to receive my credit.  When I got home I tried to look for the info and label to send back my old phone and was unsuccessful.  I called Verizon Customer Service for help and spent close to an hour on the phone because the representative also didn't know where I needed to go to get a label.  I didn't mind staying on the phone close to an hour because she was really helpful and tried her best to help me find it which we eventually did.  I printed the label, made a copy of it for my records and sent the phone in.  A few days later I checked the tracking and it showed "delivered" on July 10, 2015.  The next month I received my bill, on it I could see the 2 $100 credits for switching our numbers over and 1 $200 credit for the old phone my husband turned in but there was no credit for mine.  I called Verizon's Customer Service and the gentleman there confirmed that my phone was delivered after I gave him the tracking number to look up.  He said he would credit my account for $200. 2 months later (September 24, 2015) I receive a call from Verizon saying the we are $28 past due. I asked the Verizon Customer Service rep name Eric to check my account because I should have a total of $600 in credits on my account.  He was able to see the $400 in credit but I again was not credited for $200 for my phone that was mailed back to Verizon. I told Eric my entire story of my situation (stated above) hoping that he would be able to help me. I was told by Eric that the special I signed up for was not running at the time I switched over. (Huh??? Not what I wanted to hear since he didn't know what he was talking about!)  He also states that I don't get $200 for my old phone but I can only get UP TO $200 depending on the type and condition my old phone is in when I send it back to Verizon.  So I explained to him the entire situation again (stated above).  He says he will call the recycle program. He connects me in and the lady answer's the phone "Verizon Customer Care", Eric asks if she is with the recycle program and she states that there is no longer a recycle program but that Customer Care takes care of that.  Eric disconnects with her and calls another #. The man (David) on the other line tries to help me and finds that "yes" my phone was delivered but now they ask me for a "submission #".  "What is that?", I ask.  Eric says that I was supposed to go on the Verizon website and there I would find a page where I would input all the info of the phone I am returning and I would get a submission # and I would submit that with my returned phone.  I told him that no one said anything about that to me.  So now both of them are now telling my that without my submission number I will not get my $200 credit and there is nothing else they can do to help me.  By now I have been on the line with Eric for an hour.  I am now extremely upset and I tell him that I want to speak to his supervisor.  He puts me on a short hold then comes back and says that he can help me again.  He asks me what kind of phone I turned in and what color it is then he asks me what the device ID # is. I yell at him, "How should I know?!!!  I turned in the phone to Verizon!!!!".  Now he is back to saying that he is sorry and can't help me without a submission #.  I ask if he can just credit my account for $200 knowing that my phone was turned in.  I yell him I have been on the phone with him for 1 1/2 hours already and I need to go to work!  I beg him to just please just let me move on and get me out of your hair and just credit my account for the $200.  He says "No, I need a submission #".  I say that again he just wasted my time and should've given me to his supervisor the first time I asked.  Now, it has been 1 1/2 hrs on the line and I am late for work!  Eric now transfers me to his supervisor Jasmine.  I am now crying because I am extremely frustrated, angry and late for work.  I tell Jasmine the whole entire story again (as stated above) along with what I have by now been going through with Eric.  She asks me for a tracking # for the phone I sent back to Verizon.  I tell her I don't have it, once the 1st gentlemen confirmed that it was delivered to Verizon and he said he would credit my account I threw away the tracking.  She said she can't help me without the tracking and that I need the tracking to show proof that I returned the phone. This makes me more upset and I feel like she is calling me a liar.  I tell her that the man (David) on the phone with Eric was able to pull it up from my account so why can't she?  Next she asks where did I send the phone back to.  I tell her that I sent it back to the address on the preprinted label that was generated by Verizon.  She now wants to tell me that there is still a recycling program because she just returned her phone.  I again feel like she calling me a liar about the customer service lady who said there was no longer such a program. If you don't believe me go and listen to the taped conversation, if it is taped or ask Eric. I just want my credit! The conversation seems like another dead end and I ask for her name.  She says her name is Jasmine.  "Jasmine what?", I ask.  She says she does not give out last names due to security reason's but does end up saying that her ID # is [removed].  I ask to speak to her Manager.  She tells me, "No". She says that manager is not there and tries to tell me she can help me.  I NEED TO GO TO WORK!!!  I tell her that I want her manager's name and she starts to say she can help me resolve this. (Why couldn't she do it earlier before I started crying, yelling, screaming and asking for her manager?) By now, I am just intent on getting her manager's name. I ask for it for approximately 10 times and finally ask if she is scared of something because she won't give me his/her name.  She says no she is not scared of anything and says that I was interrupting.  I told her I did not want to anything else from her but the name of her manager. She finally gives it to me.  Chuck is the name she gives me.  Not sure if that's a real manager or not.  Now that I have the name I say to her "so you said you can help me resolve this?".  Now she says "No". She will not help me resolve this because I am taking it up higher.  I told her I just asked for the name. The phone goes "CLICK".  She hangs up on me.  Moments later, I get a call back from her and she claims we were disconnected and that she didn't hang up on me.  So now she says that she would help me.  I told her if you can guide me back to where I may have gotten the preprinted label on the Verizon website, I can check if it is still there.  We get on the website and I am able to pull the label again. I give her the address on the label to where I sent the phone back in to and the tracking #.  I ask if that is the recycle program address and she says no its the warehouse.  Tracking shows phone was delivered on July 10.  She says the tracking shows that I was given the $200 credit.  I say yes but my account does not reflect it.  She checks my account.  She says I was given the credit according to the account in June.  I yell at her that that was the 1st phone!!!! How can I get credit if my phone was not delivered back to Verizon until July 10????  I tell her that there is no credit for the 2nd phone after July 10.  Her response was oh I see, I will credit your account for $200.  FINALLY!!!!

This whole experience was unacceptable and unnecessary!!!!!  I cannot believe I had to go through all of this frustration and anger just to get my $200 credit due to me!!!  I am still upset at this whole experience and no one should be treated this way!!!  I have called Customer Care back to speak to a supervisors supervisor and spoke to another lady who was a supervisor who said she would escalate it.  I asked if someone higher could call me back but was told that she would put in the request with no guarantees. I was still upset at the whole process and called and spoke to an assistant Manager at the store we opened our account at.  She pulled my account, noticed the documentation already in there and said she would also try to have someone call me back which she could not guarantee also.  Why is it so hard to get to talk to someone higher?  This is not the kind of customer service I expect to get from a company like Verizon.  I have never had this problem at Sprint.  This experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth for Verizon.  It is true that a few bad apples can spoil it for everyone else.  All of this could have been better handled if I was told, I will look into your account see what I can do to help you and call you back (and call me back the same day) or I will give you your $200 and look into your account to see what happened.  But to be told 1) This special was not running at the time you switched over, 2) you can get UP TO $200 depending on the condition of your phone, 3) you need a submission # and 4)too bad we can't help you if unacceptable.  Eric should have checked further to see that indeed that special was running when we switched plans.  I am sorry to say but you have 2 [removed] working for you!!!  (I apologize for my choice of words but nothing else seems to fit as well as that)!!!


A very upset, [removed] and dissatisfied customer!

Profanity and personal information removed as required by the

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Re: Extremely Bad Customer Service
Sr. Leader

You didn't go to a Corporate Verizon store, you went to a 3rd party retailer.  Here is the promo you spoke of.

New smartphone device payment activation & port-in req’d. Up to $300 = up to $200 trade-in VZW gift card + $100 bill credit. Bill Credit applied w/in 2-3 billing cycles. Trade-in must be in good working condition.

To get trade-in credit, you must submit the information from the trade-in site, or an employee should do so in-store.  However, at this point it may be too late.  We saw another case of this last week.

Re: Extremely Bad Customer Service
Sr. Leader

Did you not learn that not being nice to people just makes it more likely they will not help you:

From you difficult to read wall of text:

I yell at him

I started crying, yelling, screaming

ask if she is scared

I yell at her

you have [removed]

Those are just the very direct verbal assaults. The sarcastic and condescending attitude will expand that list. That is not the way to get help.

Plus the $200 is a gift card, not a bill credit.

Re: Extremely Bad Customer Service

A wasted day with rude customer service and endless phone trees. iPhone 7 died. Went to the local store (Manahawkin) and was told it is shot and you need a new phone. Had to order online for store pickup. Endless attempts to buy a phone. Finally got one ordered and returned to the store for pickup. Got home and phone was not activated. Returned a third time to the store.

Almost an entire day of frustration. I HATE VERIZON

Re: Extremely Bad Customer Service
Customer Support

Whoa! This is the last thing we want you to feel, Charlieshore. I would equally be upset if this happened to me. I do want to apologize that you had to go to the store again. I want to ensure that you are all set. Were you able to get your phone activated?