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Extremely dissapointed with Verizon

I have a long story that started in January with a BOGO promo. I needed a new phone, and figured might as well get a new one for my husband at the same time with the promo. 

One thing led to another and when i applied for the promo there was some sort of problem on their end and it could not be processed. They said "no worries" we will make it happen. They said they put a note on my account and the next customer service representative will be able to process it for me. I also told them that i love abroad....was that a problem? NO! they said. OK. So, i ordered the phones. 

I had to upgrade to unlimited, which i did. Add another phone line, which I did. Use auto debit for payments, which i did. They had to honor the BOGO promo. Which they did not. 

The phones arrived. All good. But, when I received my first bill I saw that the promo was not on there. Here is when the 20 hours of calls to customer service started. 

They said they just had to fill out a form and then the BOGO would be honored. Ok. They did that and I waited.

Then I found out that I could not use my new phone abroad, where i live, for 90 days. After talking to 4-6 different Sales agents and customer service representatives not one person had mentioned that when selling me the phone. I called and complained and got no where. I accepted it. 

Then another month passed and no BOGO. I called to complain and same answer as before. We just need to fill out a form and then no problem. ok. I waited another month. 

The bill arrived and still no adjustment. I called again and again and still no solution. 3-4 people said they needed to fill out a form. Finally after 4 months i think....they said i wasn't approved. Even though i had been promised over and over again originally. 

They finally gave me the number directly to a manager. I called and she answered directly! wow! I was excited. She said she would call right back. She didn't. I called her everyday for maybe 7-10 days. No answer and no reply. I gave it a rest and then tried again. She answered. She was rude and she yelled at me and told me there was nothing she could do. 

I was outraged at her attitude. There was no sorry. There was no understanding. She yelled at me.

Verizon lies, and at upper level management your people are rude and horrible. 

I am filing a customer dispute and going to take this up with a lawyer. I don't understand how so many reps can get it wrong. If i had know that i would not get the BOGO or If I had known that after the filing the paperwork, I might not get the BOGO then i would have gone about this very differently. Everyone along the way said it was a sure thing. 

I would have bought my phone through apple and not had to go through any of this....if i had know. Apple is amazing at customer service. But, Verizon is horrible. 

Re: Extremely dissapointed with Verizon
Sr. Member

I'd yell at you too if you called me 10+ times. That's excessive.

Honestly, why are you even bothering with Verizon if you're living abroad? That doesn't make much sense.


Re: Extremely dissapointed with Verizon
Customer Support

blairripple, We know the importance of receiving excellent customer service during every interaction with us. I'm truly sorry to learn that you've had such negative experiences. We can definitely take a look at your concern privately. We have sent you a Private Note. Please respond at your earliest convenience. 

Re: Extremely dissapointed with Verizon

HI there!

About 3 weeks ago i was going back and forth on here with one of your people. He thoroughly researched my case and offered me a $600 credit. Since then I have heard nothing again and have not seen any credit. I am wondering when it will be applied?


If you go through the conversation you can find the credit offer. Here is a copy of the message:

Hello blairripple,

You have received a private message in the Verizon Community community.

Subject: Re: Extremely dissapointed with Verizon
From: vzw_customer_support
Date: 08-21-2020 04:21 PM

I have completed the review of your case, Blair. I am truly saddened to see how things developed in recent months. We began with promises to honor the BOGO (at a $700.00 maximum value) and failed to make that happen. Efforts to make this apply as a bill credit each month will fail, because that team will look to the purchase date and confirm it is outside the promotion period. Therefore, the only solution is for us to offer a lump-sum credit in the amount of $600.00 ($700.00 less the $100.00 you were recently offered directly for the BOGO deal). Please let us know if you would accept this offer.





Re: Extremely dissapointed with Verizon
Customer Support



I'm sorry to learn you're still waiting for this credit to be applied to your account. I see that the representative requested for you to let us know if you would accept the offer. Did you reply to his message to accept the offer?