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Extremly Weird problem, that has followed me two numbers now

I have no idea what to do here.  I have an s10, but ultimately I don't know it if matters here.

I had the same phone number for 10 years.  No issues until the last few months - I would randomly get texts for somebody named Doug.  I don't know anybody named Doug. I would get texts from his boss (maybe?), a BUNCH of 2FA codes, and random other texts looking for him.  I thought the guy was just stupid and giving out the wrong number half the time.  Then I got a call from a hospital looking for him, and they said the callback number and it was my 10 year old number.

Verizon's solution was to change my number.  And after blocking roughly 40 numbers not meant for me, I begrudgingly changed my number.

Not 2 hours later I am now getting texts for both a Tiffany - including her bank showing me what she's spent in the last week (I had a registered number with her bank!?!) , as well as her grandma? and a bunch of promo texts for her, and one person text looking for Jeremy.  I do not know a Jeremy or Tiffany. This all happened before I even told any of my contacts my new number.

So, what is going on?

Verizon only solution is to change numbers again, which, to be honest I don't want to do unless necessary.  I also googled my new number for funsies and saw it is linked to two shady local companies, so that's cool.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

Re: Extremly Weird problem, that has followed me two numbers now
Customer Support

Hello ParadoxYes,


I would be concerned too if I were getting unwanted and unexpected text messages. Phone numbers are a limited resource. There are just so many area codes and prefixes available. When you change your number, the new number you received may have been recycled from a previous user. If the former owner of the number gave this number out, other parties may believe they are trying to reach the wrong person. Nothing can stop a person from handing out a number as their own or providing the incorrect number. You can change your number at no cost online: Does this help clarify things for you?