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FCC Complaint - No Bill-In-Credit for 3 lines - $340 Promised Not Received

I have called Billing Support on many occasions just to be fooled into Verizon tactic scripts. I have been promised an amount of $340 in credits by managers at Corporate stores, Verizon supervisors, and clerks but have never received them. I have posted this so others will know what to do to receive there justice as promised.

I have now gone ahead and filed an FCC complaint which you can do here.

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This is what I had gone through so far and am now ****** off about it. This is my Filing:


I have been facing a situation with Verizon Wireless for months on end with there Customer Service department of Billing as well as there Corporate Stores i've visited to get my lines activated. Unfortunately, I have NOT been given what I was promised from point of sale, managers, and customer care and was unsure where else to turn but to file a complaint in hopes to receive the credits I was promised.

Line 1 : ($100 Bill in Credit)

Line 2 :  ($100 Bill in Credit)

Line 3 : ($100 Bill in Credit)

Activation Fee Waiver ($40 to be Waived)

Total $340

Back in August 2015 I walked into the Verizon Corporate store to look at phones. While I was there I was approached by a salesman and he informed me much about Verizon. Well I told him I would love to switch and he noticed I had an unlocked iPhone (because I didn't want to purchase another phone). He grabbed a sim card and put it in my iPhone and bam worked on the Verizon network. Once he tested this I was set to start up a plan. A manager came over to us and informed me that because i'm switching carriers from AT&T to Verizon that I would recieve a $100 Bill-In-Credit in about three months. I was ecstatic to hear this and realized I would definitely like to add more lines in the future because of this.

Well 6 weeks in I realized I didn't receive my promised work discount of 20% off my bill. So I called Verizon customer services billing department and was told that I would receive a credit for my work discount as well as some credit for an activation fee they forgot to tell me about. I found it strange that my work discount wasn't there (b/c they asked for my work ID which i luckily had with me) . So I wanted to confirm that I would get my bill-in-credit. The clerk and manager informed me that my account would receive the credit but found it unusual b/c most customers get it within the first 6 weeks never after 3 months. He told me he would start up a case and give me a call back with information.

Well another 2 weeks went by and i heard nothing from Verizon. I received another bill and to my behold, my work discount wasn't there again. She gave me another credit to account for this. I told her about what happened from the last clerk but she said she didn't see anything opened for a case of my $100 bill in credit for my line, but confirmed that I would recieve my credit at the end of 3 months. She told me she would also open a case just in case and give me a call back of the result. I then also started asking questions to get another line and she informed me that she would waive the $40 activation fee if I got a new line the same month and that I would also get another $100 bill-in-credit if switching from another carrier. Since my brother wanted the new iPhone and he was still under my parents plan I decided that I'd take on the offer of that same month.

A few days go by and I showed up to the same Corporate store to get my brother a line with Verizon. We switched him from Sprint to Verizon and was confirmed that my line, and my brothers new line would both receive $100 bill-in-credit. I felt a bit worried and wanted to make sure the salesman was correct so if he could get his manager. His manager also confirmed and also informed me that he is the new head manager for the store because they let go of the old one (which just did not sound right to me...). I talked to them also about the activation fee being waived and they said they don't do this all the time at the stores and would have to call Customer care again to receive it.

Well I called Billing again and was told that there was no note on my account to waive the $40 act fee. Because of no note applied they would not grant this to me. Well it turns out this new clerk saw that a case was opened but was cancelled because it was filed incorrectly. He was nice enough to open another case to receive my lines $100 bill in credit but confirmed that since three months hasn't passed thats why I haven't received it yet. I was told once again that I would receive my lines $100 Bill in credit as well as my brothers line $100 bill in credit. At this point I am told I will receive $200 bill in credits, and was denied $40 of activation fee waiver. If i'm offered I should receive it.

Well I was pretty ****** of the non-waiver fee I was quite glad that I would still receive my bill in credits. Another week or so comes along and I decided to add another line for my partner. While purchasing another new iPhone 6s I was told once agin that I would receive another $100 bill-in-credit but I didn't have to switch from another carrier. So I found this to be way more ecstatic. Also I was informed that since I would receive this credit I wouldn't have to worry about that $40 activation fee (and realized it would cover the other lines fee). Now it was a win-win for me adding this third line!

Well a week later I recieved my outrageous bill over $200 that included these act fees etc. And to my surprise again... My 20% worker discount was not there! I called Verizon billing for another time to receive my work discount which she happily approved. So again I asked about the bill in credits for all 3 lines. Which again she said I would receive after 3 months. She also said that there was a case opened and should get approved because my account has been in all good standings. Tried to get my act fees waived again for these lines but she informed me it couldn't be done because the account just recieved a credit. Told her I'm really looking forward for these Bill in credits to help pay these off and she confirmed and told me she wrote notes onto the account. She also told me she would contact me as well once the case was completed.

Well 3 months of billing have come by and I find my 20% discount not applied again, and see my $100 bill in credit was not on my bill. Over all of these billing calls I have not recieved any call back as promised I would. So I called Billing once again... (this repeats many times)

Called again to get this all worked out to find out that the case that was opened didn't get cleared. Another clerk opened up a case, went to the supervisor to see what can be done but was told i'd have to wait another 3 months for another case to be reviewed. I found this unacceptable but I was told again that these other two lines I have met the requirements to receive $100 bill-in-credits for... They tried smoothing this out by not granting what I was promised and cheating me out of $100... Well She gave me a credit of $20 for my frustration and for the 20% discount. Because of my frustration I ended the call due to other priorities.

I calmed down and called billing a different day and expressed my opinion of this not being right. This clerk decided to call management of the corporate store I've gone to to fix the issue. Well she came back and told me that they couldn't do anything because the management has changed since I've activated my phone there. Because of this she said I wouldn't be able to receive credits.

After another look into my account from another supervisor I was I would not receive any of the 3 lines of $100 bill in credits. $300 in bill-in-credits is what I was promised from the start (which my account completely notates multiple times by multiple billing clerks). The clerk told me that the supervisor has approved for my account to receive a $100 credit for two lines and the clerk would call me back to give me a third credit for the third line. I told them to do it because I didn’t know where else to go until I was informed by a friend to contact you, the FCC.

Well its now been another two weeks, Verizon still has not contacted me for my third line credit. This is very unacceptable service. I was promised $340 in credits from multiple clerks, and management just to be fooled into receiving $100 of it. I am unsure what else to do as I have not received what I have been promised.

From the account owner,


P.S. I was trying to receive documents of proof of Bill-in-credits in months pass but I am unable to find these. I have included my bills instead.

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