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FedEx lost new phone, old phone broke, now "pending" order prevents me from purchasing replacement.

Weeks ago– in mid-June– I ordered a new iPhone 13 to replace my current iPhone 11. It was shipped quickly but seemed to be lost in transit via FedEx. I never received it.

A couple weeks after shipment, I called Verizon support, got a case number, and was told they'd investigate. I never heard back.

After a month, I reached out to support again. This time I asked them to cancel the order; instead of waiting on FedEx, I planned to go back to the Verizon store and purchase something in stock. I was assured by a customer service representative that it would be canceled. It was not.

In the meantime, I dropped my iPhone 11. Since the screen no longer worked, I headed back to the Verizon store to start the process over again. This time, however, I was told I had a pending order on my account and would be unable to purchase or activate a new phone until it was removed.

Between that visit, phone calls to support, browser chats with support, and even Twitter DMs with @Verizonsupport, I have spent nearly 10 hours trying to get an answer on this– just today. That's not accounting for the hours I've spent on the phone and in chats with support about this prior to today. I currently have no phone and I cannot purchase a new phone. If I purchase an unlocked phone elsewhere, I'm told I won't be able to activate it.

I can't prompt FedEx to investigate because I'm not the shipper. I don't have an ETA on when I'll be able to purchase a new phone, only that offline technical support is looking into it. Support responsiveness has ranged from "We'll open a ticket" to "good luck." It feels like I'm being pranked.

It comes down to this:

  1. FedEx lost my new phone.
  2. I broke my old phone.
  3. I urgently need a replacement.
  4. I can't get a replacement without the pending order being removed.
  5. No one seems to know how to remove the pending order.

I've been a Verizon customer for well over a decade, but I don't see an alternative other than taking out a new line with another carrier, then transferring the number once the order is cleared. But come on, Verizon Support. This is laughable.

Customer Support

clarkgriswoldii, we understand the importance of having a working device and are sorry to hear you are having issues. Please respond via Private Note, so we can get some details to better assist. 


Re: FedEx

Just did. Thanks Joshua.