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Feedback for a Verizon Store

I went to your Sherman Oaks CA store located at 14141 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks CA on 09/28/2021 at 10:00 am to exchange my Iphone13 Pro into Iphone 13 Pro Max. The Iohone 13 Pro was sent to me by mistake by Verizon. I called Verizon the night before and was advised by the customer service to go to this branch since they still have 2 units of IPhone Pro Max available. As I enter the store, Sales Agent Chris helped me to process the exchange and he asked me for my phone number and information. While Chris was doing the exchange, the Sales Manager butt in and informed me that I have to pay a restocking fee of $50.00. Sales Agent Chris said that I don't have to be charged a restocking fee since it was Verizon's mistake. Manager Mark rudely ask Agent Chris to leave and he will take over the transaction. Sales manager Mark said that I should be charged $50.00 since I opened the box. I asked the manager to show me their policy about "restocking fee due to an open box" Manager took that piece of paper from the box of the Iphone 13 Pro stating about the restocking fee of $50.00 but the reason of open box is not specifically stated. Mark said that I should be paying $50.00 under any circumstances. Since the agent from the previous night said that I should not worry about the fee, I agreed to pay it knowing that I will be credited for the same amount later on. I told him to bill it to my account and he demanded that I should pay it outright which i refused. I told him that i will be calling Customer Service while in the store to settle the issue. As I was waiting for the Customer Service to answer, Mark abruptly returned the box of my Iphone 13 Pro where I am sitting and made a gesture that he will not be continuing the exchange process. This infuriated me and made a comment that Mark is " being a jack a*s". I was specific when I told him that I need to resolve the issue of the restocking fee with the Verizon Customer Service. Manager Mark then asked me to leave the store and he said that he will not be helping me anymore and to go some place else. I refused to leave the store until I talk to the Verizon Customer Service. While I was on hold with Verizon CS , Mark repeatedly ask me to leave the store and do my phone transaction outside. ( I have a video tape of this). He called 911 because I refused to leave the store. I finally got hold of somebody from Verizon Customer Service and I think it was Liza (unsure of the name) and I informed Liza about the situation. Liza wrote all the details of the incident and asked me to hand the phone to Manager Mark. Mark refused to touch my phone because he said "there is COVID". I put the phone on speaker instead and Liza advised Manager Mark to just "let us move forward and do the exchange" and Liza informed Mark that the restocking fee is waived. Manager Mark rudely replied to Verizon Agent Liza that he will not be helping me and that I need to leave the store. Liza feels apologetic about the situation and she just advised to go to a different store. This was really inconvenient for me since I drove all the way Burbank to Sherman Oaks just to be treated this way by Manager Mark who obviously lacks customer service skills. His refusal to have a resolution to this very minor problem is a bad reflection to the image of Verizon. He has this attitude of "it is his way or go highway". He seem to be less knowledgeable of Verizon's policies than his subordinates. I regret that Agent Chris did not stand up by what he knows for fear of losing his job. Finally, I decided to leave the store. Just in time, the police arrived and I explained to them the situation. They do understand and gave me his business card and they left. The police did not even bother to talk to Manager Mark. Up to this time, I can not believe that Manager Mark have to amplify to the point of calling the police on me instead of resolving the issue as what Verizon CS agent Liza have instructed him to do, Mark decided to stick to his guns. This is not isolated case and there has been a lot of complaint about the store. Verizon corporate office need to do something about this specifically the store manager Mark. I was really aghast by the way I was treated. I felt like I was treated like a criminal when the only reason I was there is to exchange the wrong device that Verizon delivered to me. I am contemplating of moving to another service provider but I am having second thoughts since the reason may be judt because of improperly trained manager like Mark. I will make sure this incident gets elevated to Corporate Office of Verizon. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND NO VERIZON CUSTOMER DESERVES TO BE TREATED THIS WAY.