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Filing A Complaint


I am currently a VERIZON WIRELESS customer with 7 lines on my account and after being promised a call back after call back, I now believe I need to speak with someone regarding my issue. This is the most unacceptable level of customer service I have ever received.

            On 09/13 I spoke with a customer service rep [removed], after spending nearly an hour and half on the phone with her and the promise to follow up was not done and then calling back on 09/19 and explaining the situation YET again and being passed around to 3 different people only to be told YET AGAIN that someone will call me back with 24-48 hours is totally STUPID.

            Allow me to explain the situation. On 09/13 I made my usual VERIZON WIRELESS PAYMENT on my account as well as paying one of my phones off. The one ending in 0647, I called in on 09/14 and spoke with [removed] about upgrading my phone to the new iPhone XS MAX and adding a watch to it. The problem comes up after looking at my account that I would have to put down either $800 or 20% of the phone. I was also told that I could add up to 20 devices on the account (even though I don’t need 20 devices). After freaking out and trying to figure out WHY. I was placed on hold so Amber could contact another department, “The Credit Dept” only to find out that for some MYSTERIOUS reason I originally had a CREDIT LINE OF $4000 and it dropped to $1500. The credit department told [removed] that they couldn’t tell her the reason why the credit line dropped but that a letter would be sent out explaining it and that as soon as I got that letter to contact her via email and if it was VERIZON’s fault or error that she would talk to her supervisor to see what they could do to get this over ridden.

As of 09/19 I have not received that letter but did in fact send a message to [removed] asking her to give me a call; at this time I have not received a call back.

            On 09/19 I placed yet another call wanting to finally get somewhere with the whole idea of being able to upgrade my phone and simply adding a watch to it. As luck would have it I was able to talk directly to an “ACCOUNT MANAGER” who just so happen to be working the phones. After explaining to him the situation and what’s been going on. He gave me his theory as to the reason why my CREDIT LINE had decreased. Either I had an interruption in service, paid my bill late or defaulted on the account. After looking at the account he told me that in 2017 that I had another account that went into WRITE OFF STATUS and that recently as of this year I also filed for BANKRUPTCY and that account went in to DISCHARGE status. I said that was false.

            What really happened.  As I explained this to the Account Manager. Back on 2017 we walked in to the VERIZON STORE and ported over 2 phones, from doing that we were told after my credit was run that I had a $4000.00 line of credit, GREAT!!! 2 months later we walked in to the same store again and wanted to open 2 additional lines of service and add a Wi Fi HOT SPOT on the account. Let’s call the second account “ACCOUNT B”. We were told by the sales people because of the TIMING of adding the additional lines that we could NOT add the new lines to ACCOUNT A they would have to create a new account in order to get the promotional offer and because of the billing dates they would have to create ACCOUNT B. HOWEVER when the ACCOUNT A bill DATE ends, that account will be closed out and they can roll it over to ACCOUNT B. When that happens we need to make sure that account A gets paid.

So again for the 3rd time we walked into the VERIZON STORE making sure that we got ACCOUNT A closed and PAID off. We were told by the sales rep that they were taking care of it.

Still not closed out: A couple months later after opening ACCOUNT B we walked into the same store AGAIN to add a TABLET. Then we were told that ACCOUNT A had gone into a write off status. Being confused we found out that the FINALE PAYMENT that we made to ACCOUNT A was applied to account B by your sales team at the Verizon Store in error. Thus messing up the whole CREDIT LINE OF $4000 and it going into a write off status. Understanding that we’ve made promises to pay in the past and maintained 7 ACTIVE LINES on the account and never had an interruption in service we figured we could pay off one phone and add a watch. FOOLED US.

So on 09/19 I explained this to the manager on the phone who saw and agreed with whole explanation and said he would transfer me over to ACCOUNT RECOVERY to get it sorted out. I spoke with an [removed] in accounts recover who saw the whole thing in accounts history and said she was going to make the necessary notes explaining that the account should never have been in a write off status because we did in fact pay the finale bill on ACCOUNT A and it was never our fault and thus being able to get the CREDIT OVER RIDDEN so we could upgrade the phone and a watch to the account.

Getting passed back to customer service: After getting passed BACK to customer service and explaining the whole situation yet again, I was placed on hold so the customer service agent could talk with the CREDIT DEPARTMENT and see what they could do. The CSR agent as well agreed with me after reviewing the notes about the problem. After being on hold the CSR came back and said that the only OPTIONS that the credit department could come up with is WAIT 7 months for my credit line to increase or PAY OFF a couple of my phone lines. I told the CSR that’s not acceptable in a situation where it wasn’t even our fault, it was the stores fault and everyone that I’ve spoken with all agreed and where trying to help get this rectified. The CSR agent agreed and placed me on hold so he could talk with his SUPERVISOR. When the CSR agent came back he said there is a special form that he can fill out and that his MANAGER is going to take this up to their MANAGER and override this and that I should hear something back with in 24-48 hours.


On 09/20 I called to cancel this line but was strongly urged to allow the managers the 24-48hrs to see if they would rectify the situation from Wednesday the 19th. It is now 0/21 and as expected NO ONE HAS CALLED. If I had a dollar for every time someone from VERIZON told me they would "CALL ME BACK" I wouldn't need to using the LEASE PROGRAM.

Is this for real, all to upgrade a phone and add a watch, a problem that we never started, A PROBLEM that was Verizon’s error according to the 4 individuals that have either spoken to myself or looked at the account. All because of the VERIZON STORE jacking this up. REALLY!!!!

First of all why am I getting penalized for something that we never messed up.

2ndly why go through all this stuff, of “Were gonna call you back” and never do

3rd Why are we being told you wanna upgrade your phone; pay off more lines on the account or WAIT 7 MONTHS


            Will someone please help me to correct this. This is to much anguish all for a phone, I should go to SPRINT.


Adan [removed]

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Re: Filing A Complaint
Customer Support

Xzavier2020, this issue has gone on for far too long.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.

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Re: Filing A Complaint

I'm going through almost same problem. I m so frustrated with verizon right now. I had to let one of my kids down because of them telling us one thing and doing the opposite.  I'm ready to switch after being with them over 12 years. 

Re: Filing A Complaint
Customer Support

We appreciate and value your business and loyalty. I hate hearing that you are having issues with the communication that you received from us because we certainly pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. May I ask what happened? 


Re: Filing A Complaint

I am having a similar experience. Worst customer service I have ever seen.  As soon as I can talk to and actually human I will be canceling my service and going back to Sprint. So disappointed with Verizon!

Re: Filing A Complaint
Customer Support

This is never how we would want any of our customers to feel! I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience and we have caused, and would like one more chance to make it up to you. To provide our best, undivided support, please reach out to us through your personal Facebook or Twitter account. We hope to speak with you soon, through those channels. MichelleH_VZW